Tuesday, August 24, 1999

Todayís show starts when a pensive Carrie answers her door.
Carrie: Dad! You still live in Salem!
Roman: I heard about you and Mike.
Carrie: Took you long enough.
Roman: Whatís wrong? Aside from the facts that youíve lost your job and your marriage and your whole family is acting superior to you.
Carrie: Iím just confused. I never thought it was possible to love two people.
Roman: And you thought that situation between Duck and John and me was what?
Carrie: Hmm.
Roman: Just donít make the wrong choice.
Carrie: And the wrong choice is leaving Austin?
Roman: Hell no. I never thought Austin was good enough for you; Iíd rather see you with the doctor.

MEANWHILE, the Austin in question is at the Kiriakisless Mansion.
Austin: Nicole . . . where . . . is . . . my . . . beloved . . . half . . . brother?
Nicole: Phillip? Heís probably off contracting SORAS
[Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome] somewhere.
Austin: No . . . Lucas.
Nicole: Work. Maybe you should try that sometime?
Austin: Marriage . . . isnít . . . what . . . you . . . expected?
Nicole: Yours wasnít.
Austin: At . . . least . . . mine . . . started . . . with . . . two . . . people . . . in . . . love . . . with . . . each . . . other.
Nicole: I donít doubt it, but you werenít one of íem.
Austin: You . . . married . . . for . . . money. Money . . . canít . . . but . . . happiness.
Nicole: No, but it can buy a whole lot of stuff from Tiffanyís.
(Skips upstairs with her shopping bags.)

MEANWHILE, Nicoleís former love interest is still in Ginaís castle.
Eric: I donít believe in that supernatural hocus-pocus. Ghosts donít do anything Stefano DiMera doesnít tell them to do, and he isnít here.
Greta: But Iím still scared. Just because I can spend a good five years living alone in the woods doesnít mean I can handle a deserted castle. I mean, what besides ghosts could put out your fire?
Eric: Water. Wind. The fact that I only used one match and a few seconds to start it. Hey, where are the matches?
Kurt: Here they are.
Greta: Just because that man doesnít have Ericís voice or build or walk doesnít mean he isnít Eric. So I still donít know why weird things are happening. And Iím still scared.
(Jumps up.)
Eric: Did you just get into bed with me?
Greta: Thatís right.
Eric: And neither of us is wearing very many clothes.
Greta: Right again.
Eric: Just checking.

MEANWHILE, elsewhere in France:
Stefano: It would kill Bo to know heís a pawn.
Gina/Hope: Why?
Stefano: Because heís a rebel, and hates to do things his brothers and half of Salem have already done.
Gina/Hope: Now what?
Stefano: Weíll let him get arrested for beating up a purse-snatcher and see what happens.
Gina/Hope: I can never figure out what youíre talking about. You and your mysterious comments.
(They head off, and Bo is "tested.")
Cop: What are you doing?
Cop2: Be gentle. He doesnít seem to understand you.
Cop: Heís crazy.
Cop2: No, itís just another of those DiMera clones.
(calling station) Yeah, Steffy brainwashed another one . . .

MEANWHILE, Hopeís family is back in Salem, at the Horton Center.
Mickey: Mike, what do you mean youíll be vindicated? How?
Mike: Dad, I know it sounds like a long shot--
Mickey: No, Iíd really like to know. As a lawyer, youíd think Iíd know about vindicating people, but I donít.
(Alice enters with a cane.)
Mickey: Since when do you need a cane?
Alice: Since my stroke. I was in the hospital with it a few months ago.
Mike: And yet your grandson the chief of staff had no idea anything had happened.
Maggie: She just didnít want anyone to know.
Alice: By the way, any time anything happens to one of you, I want to know. My beautiful, precious family. Iím glad youíre all here now. Except for Tommy and Sandy and Julie and Doug and David and Scotty and Steven and Bill and Jennifer and Jack and Abby and Laura and Hope and Lucas and Melissa and Sarah and Marie and Jessica whichever ones I forgot.
Mike: And Iím leaving too. Iím going on vacation, possibly with Carrie.
Maggie: You canít go with Carrie. Sheís married.
Mickey: But Iíve been on vacation with you, and youíre married.
Maggie: Youíre right. Weíll have to stop doing that.

MEANWHILE, Craig is still with Ali.
Craig: Why did you hurt my wife? Iím not hearing an answer!!
Ali: Probably because youíre choking me and I canít breathe.
(arriving and punching Ali) Ali! What were you before you met Craig and me?
Ali: I was doing a fairly good job that I liked and working with people who seemed to like me well enough and respect me as well.
Nancy: And now?
Ali: Iím considered insane and have lost my job.
Nancy: And that happened when we LIKED you. So donít cross us again.
(Craig and Nancy drive home.)
Nancy: (almost compassionate) Ali really is sick.
Craig: Sheís INSANE! She should be killed. See what a nice, feeling doctor I am?
Nancy: Pull over. Iím going to be sick.
(later) Thanks for stopping.
Craig: I guess youíre welcome. I really didnít want you puking all over my new car.

MEANWHILE, Mike finally gets to Aliís.
Mike: What happened to your face?
Ali: I walked into a door.
Mike: And thatís where you got the marks on your throat, too?
Ali: Surprisingly enough, yes.

End of Show
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