Tuesday, August 17, 1999

Belle enters a room and tosses an apple to John.
Belle: Now you see why I gave up softball.
John: Because your coordination took a hit when you grew two feet and two cup sizes in two weeks?
Belle: Daddy . . . I understand how you feel about Hope. And Iím sorry. It seems like Hope hasnít been herself since I was a little girl.
John: Yeah. Oh, when you go shopping this afternoon, donít buy anything too trashy.
Belle: Salem high does have a dress code.
ClayZebra: So did my high school, and what youíre wearing now violates it in at least five ways.

MEANWHILE, with Bo and Gina/Hope:
Bo: Gina, John doesnít want to remember his past with you. Why would he want to remember he killed someone?
Gina: He remembers killing lots of people as a cop and in the name of protecting Marlena, so I donít see why a few more should bother him.
Bo: Gina, Hope, DiMera stole your mind. Not your heart.
Gina: Excuse me while I gag over that line. And by the way, how do you know you arenít Stefanoís pawn as well?
Bo: I couldnít possibly be Stefanoís pawn.
Gina: And denial is a river in Egypt.

MEANWHILE, the Real Princess Gina is imprisoned.
Gina: Kurt! Let me out! I am a princess! All girls are! Didnít your father ever tell you that?
Kurt: You really are delusional if you can imagine a world where anyone knows exactly who his or her father is.
(turning away) Oh, John, Iím calling to you. Why donít you hear?
(painting coming alive) Sorry, Gina. I found another soulmate when you werenít looking. Her Iím willing to save from DiMeraís prisons, but not you.

MEANWHILE, Mike has just resigned as Chief of Staff and taken a leave of absence.
Mike: Grandma, you didnít have to come.
Alice: Of course I did. And your grandfather is here too.
Mike: Thanks. I wasnít under enough pressure.
Alice: Your mother, however, who allegedly works here, isnít here to support you.
Marlena: But Iím here to represent the psychiatric department. Now, I am a psychiatrist, but as Iím pretty screwed up in the head, I often need someone to talk to. Like your grandfather. And you need to talk to me. Do you think you can protect Carrie by standing by her? I mean, itís not like I needed John to stand by me when we cheated on Roman.
Mike: Of course you did.
Marlena: Shut up. Iím the smart one here.
Brandon: Uh, Lexie, Iíve been waiting for you to hire me for a few weeks.
Lexie: How dare you suggest that I do my job at a time like this?

End of Show
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