Thursday, August 12, 1999

Greta and Eric continue their castle exploration.
Greta: Iím not royalty; my Mom got the title when she married my father.
Eric: That makes sense.

MEANWHILE, their shared father figure is with Ericís mother, who is not a princess, by marriage or otherwise, but is Stefanoís sometime Queen of the Night.
Marlena: Itís sad that Bo suspected Hope of being Gina.
John: Why is that sad?
Marlena: It means that just when he was getting smart, Stefano brainwashed him, too.
John: The house is so quiet. But it will be full of teenagers soon.
Marlena: Our kids are still young enough to be teenagers?
John: I meant our grandchildren.
(On that note, they have sex.)
Marlena: You can make the Earth move and the room spin. But Iíve been hearing things from Carrie about a flying bed; do you think you could try that?
John: I donít know. That might cause the chips Stefano put in my brain to act up. I wonder if Eric will bring Stefano down? Not that I have any qualms about letting the man I raised as my son chasing my arch rival who I know can defy the laws of nature around Europe.
Marlena: And with Greta. I donít like that girl; she reminds me that you once loved Princess Gina, and while I insist that you overlook my earlier marriages, I certainly canít see past one that you donít even remember.

MEANWHILE, Mike goes to see Carrie.
Mike: I know it bugs Austin when you have to answer phone calls about work at home, but it wouldnít bother me.
Carrie: Probably because my work calls are all about YOU.
Mike: Did you know that Craig and Nancy just went out to dinner with Claire and Ali?
Carrie: I see nothing unusual about that.
(answering beeper) Hi, Lexie. Yes, Iím at Carrieís.
Carrie: You told one of your closest friends where you are? Mike!! Itís not like youíre a doctor and youíre on call!
Mike: Sheís known about us for years. Even when I was willing to sacrifice my own happiness for yours and pretend I didnít love you, she knew.
Carrie: You sure have turned into a pig since then, havenít you?
Mike: Yup.
Carrie: Never mind. I want you more than anything except Austin, and, hey, if you canít be with the one you love, love the one youíre with.
Mike: You love me! Letís celebrate.
Carrie: You want to celebrate even after Ali extorted all that money?
Mike: Hey, it was the hospitalís money, not mine. You. Me. Bed. Now.

MEANWHILE, Austin and Sami are at the Kiriakisless Mansion.
Austin: I . . . wish . . . I . . . knew . . . why . . . Carrie . . . came . . . here.
Sami: Hereís a thought: ask her.
Austin: I . . . want . . . her . . . out . . . of . . . my . . . life.
Sami: You once wanted me out of my life. But that was different, because you know Iíd never betray you like Carrie did. Iíd find a much more vicious, creative way to betray you.
(They head to the Penthouse Grill, where Ali is having a party.)
Ali: You all remember Winston and Lewis, who are apparently the only two members of the hospital board.
Craig: This could mean trouble. Ali is so weird!
Nancy: Youíre just noticing now?
Craig: Look on the bright side. Mikeís and Carrieís contracts are almost up, so this story canít go on forever.
Ali: My, my. In a remarkable coincidence, a plane towing a picture of Carrie and Mike kissing is flying past just as I guide everyone over to the window.
Sami: How did Carrie and Mikeís picture get up there?
Ali: For someone who spent years of her life tormenting Carrie because she had the man you wanted, you forget quickly, donít you?

End of Show
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