Wednesday, August 4, 1999

Iím actually writing this one after writing the August 5 one, so bear with me.

Mike is at his sexual harassment hearing.
Gregory: Craig, did Mike try to get rid of Ali?
Craig: I canít read his mind, but I think so.
Gregory: Why?
Craig: Because I told him to, and Mike has a history of being stupid enough to listen to me.
Gregory: How could Mike think Ali was qualified for the head nurse job at another hospital but not the one at his hospital?
Craig: I donít know. Maybe he wanted the best for his own hospital and the second-best for another hospital? Naw, that would make too much sense.
Gregory: Now, Ali, tell me about the night Mike yelled at you during surgery.
Ali: I was upset. So I left the O.R.
Gregory: Thereís professional behavior for you! Walking out of the operating room in the middle of an operation.
Judge: I agree. That seems the professional thing to do.
Gregory: Craig, have you ever seen Mike act unprofessionally?
Craig: I canít say that I have. Although I would really, really like to.

MEANWHILE, Kate and Nikki are both with Victor.
Kate: Victor! How dare you speak with Vivian Alamainís great-nephew?
Victor: Well, he was almost my stepson when I almost married Carly. He was almost my step-grandson when Bo almost married Carly. He was once the best friend of my grandson Shawn-Douglas. Heís the nephew of John, who married my daughter Isabella, and the first cousin of my grandson Brady.
Kate: Damn convoluted Salem relationships.
Victor: Itís not like you to lash out, Kate.
Nikki: Are we talking about the same person, Victor?
Kate: But itís hard with Vivian at Titan and Sami at my home.
Nikki: Well, I donít know anything about Sami. Probably because the writers donít want to point out that I recently passed her in age. But Iím one of only two family members speaking to Vivian, which isnít as bad as I make it sound because she only has three living family members, not counting Belle and Brady who arenít old enough to talk.

MEANWHILE, Sami is indeed at the Kiriakisless Mansion.
Rosa: (on phone) Kate? Híyour voice souns diff-rent. Almost like Sameeís.
(on phone) Well, itís nice to see that I can manipulate non-Salemites as well as Salemites.
(on phone) Roberto híwas sach a kine man. Nefer vi-lent, except when he was werking for tha mab and beating wo-men. Thank you for the maney, Kate.
(hangs up)
Brandon: Sami?
Sami: You were eavesdropping on me!
Brandon: Sorry.
Sami: I meant it as a compliment.
Brandon: You know, maybe Kate just gave the money to Rosa because she felt sorry for someone less fortunate than she is.
Sami: Have you noticed how she constantly calls you trashy and servant-like and tells you to leave?
Brandon: She made my sister a cover girl.
Sami: Actually, Eric and I did that with Kate kicking and screaming every step of the way.
Brandon: Why should I trust you and not Kate?
Sami: Because Iím your love interest and thatís how it works.

End of Show
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