Monday, August 2, 1999

Stefano catches up with Lexie at the hospital.
Stefano: How could you lie?
Lexie: It¹s hereditary, I guess.
Stefano: Still, you were always so sweet! Under WHAT circumstances will you lie? Just what justifies deceit?
Lexie: Well, it¹s okay when you love someone and they love someone else. Then you have to lie to ruin the other person¹s life.
Stefano: Welcome to the family.
(hugs her)

MEANWHILE, John and Marlena wrap up their Hawaiian honeymoon.
Marlena: You have a wild gleam in your eye.
John: I have amazing powers of recovery. Everything is fully functional. But we only have an hour.
Marlena: I can¹t stop thinking about the time you spent lost in the ocean. You must have been unconscious. So, unconscious and floating on your stomach for hours. That makes sense. It¹s not like it¹s called Dead Man¹s Float for a reason.
John: Let¹s talk about something else. Didn¹t you say you had a present for me?
Marlena: Oh! I got you a new ring.
(places it on his finger) This ring is in the shape of a triangle. It has three sides: one for you, one for me, and one for Kristen or Roman or Gina or Stefano or whoever one of us is currently spending more time with than the other. It has no beginning and no end. It will continue even if we¹re both recast by actors twenty years younger than us.

MEANWHILE, Bo and Hope are in Paris.
Bo: Hope, I brought you some pictures of our son.
Hope: Make sure to point them away from the camera. He hasn¹t been recast yet.
Bo: He¹s more like you every day. Why. last time I spoke to him, he was using a phony European accent and I felt real proud.

MEANWHILE, Kate Roberts, Lucas Roberts, Nicole Walker-Roberts, Brandon Walker, Austin Reed, Billie Reed, and Sami Brady have breakfast at the very Kiriakisless Mansion.
Kate: Brandon, stop eating. Don¹t you know that rich people don¹t do things like eat?
Billie: No, he doesn¹t know. Brandon is just a sponge, like Nicole. You and I, of course, have every right to spend Victor¹s money like it¹s water and use his house.
Lucas: Mom, Billie, Brandon, let¹s all be nice and polite. Wait-- Austin!? Get the hell out!
Kate: Lucas, Austin, let¹s all be nice and polite. Wait-- Sami!? Get the hell out! I won¹t let you live under my roof.
Billie: Fine. She can live under Victor¹s roof.
Lucas: Good ide-- hey, you¹re trying to trick me. You always take Austin¹s side. And just because you and he grew up counting on each other in some slum and when you met me I took every opportunity to use my money and long-lost-brother-status to hurt you.

End of Show
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