Friday, July 30, 1999

Greta and Eric enter a Parisian restaurant.
Eric: Didnít we have dinner a couple of shows ago?
Greta: Yeah, but it never hurts to eat twice.
Eric: Look, itís Bo and Hope.
Greta: Remember, she has no idea we know sheís Gina. I hope weíre good actors.
Eric: Thank God Austinís not here.
Greta: Bo, Hope, we never expected to see you here.
Bo: Why the hell not? No one ever leaves Salem without running into half the town.
Greta: Weíre here to investigate what happened to my mother after her mental break.
Gina: She couldnít have had a mental break! Kidnapping a man with a submarine is perfectly sane, and since Iím modeled after her I couldnít be sane if she wasnít.
Bo: Donít be hard on her. I consider myself strong, but I fell apart without you.
Gina: The fact that you were a weird occurrence away from marrying both Carly and Billie during that time--
Bo: Details, details.

MEANWHILE, the Real Princess Gina hallucinates a similar situation as she eats dinner with her servant, Kurt.
Gina: Kurt, you waltz beautifully, although you only have one leg.
Kurt: Thanks.
Gina: I would give anything to speak to my precious Greta once more.
Kurt: See this thing? Itís called a phone.
(in Ginaís mind) How can a woman be happy without a man?
Gina: She canít, of course. This is Days.

MEANWHILE, Carrie/Sami/Austin drones on.
Sami: Lucas did hit Will.
Carrie: I donít wanna belabor this--
All: Too late.

MEANWHILE, the hospital is busy.
Claire: Ali, you need to focus on the facts.
Ali: The what?
Mike: Never mind, Ali. But remember, you canít prove something that didnít happen.
Ali: Tell that to Sami Brady or Kate Roberts.
Mike: Why are you talking to Craig and Nancy, anyway? They canít help your case. My, are you lucky that I donít have a brain or it might occur to me that Craig has been whispering things in my ear about you ever since we met.
(aside) Claire, control your daughter. I donít want to be a suspect in this mess because Iím next in line for COS. The hospital wouldnít do a new search if it got rid of Mike, would it? Nah.

End of Show
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