Thursday, July 29, 1999

Abe and Lexie finally get some airtime.
Abe: When Vivian was too weak to stand one minute and dancing around the next, I knew something was off. Finely tuned police chief instincts, you know. But that you could pull a ruse like this on your father . . .
Lexie: I feel so guilty.
Abe: Donít. I hate the man.
Lexie: So does Vivian. When she really was sick, he kept her away from her friends.
Abe: Vivian has friends?
Lexie: Be nice. The man is my father.
Abe: Maybe, but I donít give a damn about him!
Lexie: Which is why youíre such a good police chief.

MEANWHILE, Stefano himself has learned of Vivianís deception.
Vivian: You put a device in my mouth to control me!
Stefano: I donít know what youíre talking about.
(His nose grows out across the room, and Viv grabs it. Stefano shouts.) I never did anything! Except rape, steal, and kill in cold blood! But I never tried to kill you, that was just a side effect I was willing to deal with. But who else was in this charade? Celeste? And speaking of her, where the hell is Ivan?

MEANWHILE, Mike talks to an annoyed Austin in the Cheatiní Heart.
Mike: I would never hurt Carrie, unless hurting her meant Iíd get to have sex! Believe me, Austin.

MEANWHILE, Bo and Gina/Hope are in Paris.
Duke: We were lucky not to lose our painting in that rash of paint thefts in the early 90s.
Gina: Hey! John was my partner in those thefts! So that would make them early 80s! Get it right, Dukey!
Bo: But Hope, it was you, not the real princess, who took Liliís paintings. So it must have been early 90s.
Duke: Luckily, Iím not very perceptive, and Iím going to invite Gina to my home so she can have a crack at stealing the last painting. But Bo, how do you know so much about theft?
Bo: Well, criminal investigation is a hobby, as all jobs where I come from are hobbies.

MEANWHILE, Sami and Carrie meet in Austinís apartment.
Sami: Austin told you heís moving out?
Carrie: We are still married. What makes you think heíd be more open and considerate with you than with me?
Sami: He always has been.
Carrie: You do seem nicer since you got off death row.
Sami: I realized that you canít just go around manipulating people to get what you want.
Carrie: Thatís true. You canít JUST manipulate; a few murders and props are usually in order.
Sami: Who do you love? Austin or Mike?
Carrie: Iím finally realizing that Mike is human, like everyone else. Except Super John Black, of course.
Sami: Well, if youíre so hung up on Mike, be kind to Austin and let him go.
Carrie: No! I canít have only ONE man swooning over me.
Sami: I canít believe you arenít Marlenaís biological daughter.

End of Show
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