Friday, July 23, 1999

John and Marlena resume their honeymoon.
John: Doc, I was never a priest. I know this must hurt you; you thought I was so pure, only saving myself for you and Kristen and Susan and Isabella and Diana and six or eight others. But I slept with Gina, I'm sure of it.
Marlena: Well, if I didn't mind you having Kristen and Susan and me on the same day, I guess this is okay too.
John: You're the best. Gina-Hope can manipulate anyone with an IQ in the negatives.
Marlena: One thing, though. Since you weren't a priest, you couldn't have exorcised me.
(Her eyes turn yellow and she begins to burn down the hotel.)

MEANWHILE, Bo is also wondering about Gina.
Alice: Follow your heart, dear.
Bo: My heart isn't around. That woman is Gina, not Hope. Hope wouldn't have sent our son to boarding school. Speaking of which, where is he? Most schools aren't in session in late July.
Alice: Follow your heart, dear.
Bo: I am going to reach Hope's soul and drive Gina out! Maybe John gives exorcism lessons.
Alice: Follow your heart, dear.

MEANWHILE, Stefano and Rolf don't like Bo's plan.
Stefano: John Black must have as many lives as I do!
(to himself) Zhould I tell him zat Zohn iz actually hiz long-lost twin brother from the planet Krypton?
Stefano: But now John only remembers his years with Marlena. So everything's okay. Although last week his memory suppression had failed and there was no way to fix it so we changed him into my mercenary. And Gina can only become Hope with the satellite.
Rolf: Zuh satellite?
Stefano: It has to fall out of the sky and hit her on the head.

MEANWHILE, the object of everyone's thoughts is in Paris. Actually, both of her are.
Gina/Hope: Well, here's the key I left here fifteen years ago, buried under a single dry leaf right by the front door of the mansion. Convenient, huh?
RealGina: I have an accent different from that of Gina/Hope, but luckily for her John didn't notice. John, read Greta's letter to me.
(whining) This is fifteen pages long. And you know how much trouble I have with the big words.
RealGina: How is it that this round-cheeked little girl is going to grow up to look like Julianne Morris?
John: In the world of Stefano, one never knows.

End of Show
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