Thursday, July 22, 1999

Kate and Nicholas are still talking.
Kate: I grew up in a slum, but I promised my children everything. Then I let two of them grow up on the streets, manipulated the third into breaking the law to protect me, and the fourth, well, I don't think I've ever actually SEEN him, so I wouldn't know.
Nikki: You took the job at Titan because your children are so important to you?
Kate: I took the job because Victor made me an offer I couldn't refuse.
(Flashback to Kate waking up in bed with a horse's head. "Even worse than Stefano," she says.)

MEANWHILE, Vivian is with Victor.
Victor: You aren't dying at all. I know because I've pretended to be dying myself. I'm still much holier than you, though.
Vivian: How could you accuse me of lying? I haven't ever lied to you! Well, not in the past few years. Well, months. Okay. Weeks. Today? Not in the last few seconds, though. (Victor laughs.) I'm glad you still have your sense of humor.
Victor: A person needs a sense of humor to deal with you. That's why you were so good with Ivan. Where is he?
Vivian: (thinking) I hope I didn't accidentally give him a poisoned IV or bury him alive.

MEANWHILE, Titan is the scene of a brotherly chat.
Lucas: I hardly ever see you here.
Austin: We . . . can't . . . all . . . be . . . moguls.
Lucas: Especially those of us who can't even spell "mogul."
Austin: I . . . guess . . . you . . . have . . . time . . . to . . . work . . . since . . . your . . . marriage . . . is . . . a . . . joke.
Lucas: My marriage will last a long time. It already has, by Salem standards.
(The fax machine beeps.)
Austin: What's . . . that?
Lucas: It's a fax machine. But that's not important right now.

MEANWHILE, a love triangle appears at Salem Place.
Greta: Nicole! I've heard all about you. It took at least twenty seconds for Eric to tell me everything he knew about you.
Nicole: I want to talk to Eric ALONE!
(Greta leaves) Greta is pretty, like me. But she also has at least a smidgen of class. Isn't that a turn-off? Hey, will you photograph me tomorrow?
Eric: No.
Nicole: But you're Titan's top photographer.
Eric: Titan must be in trouble.

MEANWHILE, the Hospital Board of Directors meets Carrie.
Administrator: Carrie, do you honestly support Mike?
Carrie: No. He didn't tell me the details of his sex life, so I can't defend him. It's not like that's my job or he's my friend.
Craig: Plus, Mike really has hurt the hospital when he reprimanded Ali for giving him the wrong instrument during surgery. He has no right to tell her to do her job properly!
Nancy: Obviously, you need someone with a solid marriage for this job.
(She and Craig hug.)
Administrator: You're right! Hey, Lexie, want to be the new COS?
Lexie: Sure!

End of Show
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