Wednesday, July 21, 1999

My inability to tell the difference between 65 and 45 while driving to work just cost me a week's pay. So, I have come to the inescapable conclusion that it would be much more productive to spend my summer watching Days than working. Thus, Wednesday's Synopsis.

Nicole and Brandon are still hanging out at the Kiriakisless Mansion.
Nicole: I really like Will. As long as I don't have to be in the same half of the mansion as him.

MEANWHILE, the rightful owner of the Kiriakisless Mansion is in a nursing home. Vivian, who has learned something from being married to Stefano, puts on a hat and is able to enter his room thus disguised.
Vivian: Hey, Victor. I'm dying, you know, so I thought the proper outfit was one that covered almost no skin. Anyway, I'm here because I care about you and Titan. Not necessarily in that order.
Victor: Uh-huh. Why are you really here?
Vivian: I'll be honest.
(Their conversation is cut off when the sky falls in at Viv's words.)

MEANWHILE, Viv's rival and her nephew meet for drinks.
Nikki: Kate, I'm an investment banker in Faversham Bank. Now, since Lili Faversham hates my aunt, it might seem strange that I work in her bank. But, if all else fails, I'm set to inherit a country one of these days. Alamania, maybe you've heard of it? Hey, would you like to be the Queen of Alamania?
Kate: Although I'm not married to Victor, he is my husband in every way, except that we never talk, see each other, touch each other, or are aware of what each other is doing.
Nikki: So how can you be sure he's committed to you?
Kate: You don't meet many women in hospitals. He couldn't fall in love with his doctor or nurse or something.
(coughing) My mother.
Kate: Anyway, even without Victor I have a company to run into the ground and children to lie for and alienate. Speaking of lives, why don't you get one with that pretty girl over there?
Nikki: I like women with intellectual maturity.
Kate: Then leave Salem, quickly.

MEANWHILE, Kate's son is also busy.
Austin: Play . . . the . . . cards . . . you're . . . dealt . . . unless . . . the . . . numbers . . . are . . . too . . . big . . . for . . . you . . . to . . . understand.
Sami: You mean I should share Will with Lucas?! Why? It's not like he's the father
(and what would I know about growing up fatherless?) and my ex-best friend to boot.
Austin: Don't . . . worry . . . I'll . . . move . . . in . . . with . . . Kate . . . and . . . Lucas.
Sami: So you can keep an eye on Will. And your Mom can help you get dressed in the morning. I know you've been having trouble with that since Carrie moved out.
Austin: I've . . . decided . . . that . . . marriage . . . counseling . . . won't . . . absolve . . . our . . . marital . . . problems.
Sami: But will it REsolve them?
Austin: Uh . . .

MEANWHILE, Sami's twin makes plans with Greta.
Greta: How are you getting the money for this trip?
Eric: Money? What's that? How does one get it? Why does one need it?
Greta: Salem is a strange place.
Eric: You know, Stefano might not like you snooping around in your mother's past. It's a good thing I'll be there to protect you. Like Uncle Bo protected Hope from Stefano and Dad and John protected Mom from him. I hope Mom and John are happy-- don't worry, I won't get into lovesick stories about how one guy trusted a girl who's never told the truth in her life and was completely manipulated.
Greta: If it makes you feel any better, she's manipulating Lucas and he's clueless too.
Eric: Yeah. Have you ever been in love?
Greta: Between being shipped off to a girls' boarding school at age ten and spending my young adulthood covered in mud in the Bayou, I haven't really had the chance.
Eric: You deserve someone as innocent as you. And if you're looking at Salem men, that narrows the field down to me.

MEANWHILE, the hospital saga drones on when Craig and Mike meet at Salem Place.
Craig: Mike, wake up. Some women believe sex means something.
Mike: Huh?
Craig: I'm beginning to see why Carrie was attracted to both you and Austin.
Mike: That's not the issue, Craig. I won't resign as Chief of Staff. I haven't noticed the toll you claim this lawsuit has taken on hospital morale.
Craig: Probably because you're never at the hospital . . .
Mike: But I HAVE noticed that you have never given up lusting after the COS position, and I've always thought you'd stop at nothing to get it.
Craig: So, since you have theses suspicions, the obvious course of action would be to tell me your plans and innermost thoughts.
Mike: Right.

End of Show
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