Monday, July 19, 1999

Bo dresses John as they prepare to leave the hospital.
John: Bo, Gina/Hope¹s letter says she¹s in Europe, so that¹s where she must be.
Bo: Just when I thought he couldn¹t get any dumber . . .
John: Why are you interrogating me? You know I just went out in the ocean to save that drowning woman.
Bo: Yes. You went under the waves. Marlena had time to storm up and down the beach gasping, call the coast guard, and call me. I had time to get from the midwest to Hawaii. DiMera had time to find out where I went and follow me. You were not floating face down in the water all that time. It¹s not possible.
John: Duh?

MEANWHILE, nearby, the submarine is still cruising as Stefano sews up his own knife wound.
Gina: I love John, but I just had sex with you. I¹m so sorry.
Stefano: You should be. I feel so used.
Gina: The Real Princess Gina never knew you loved her. I mean, you must have had Rachel Blake around that time, and your fling with Vivian, too.
Stefano: Just because I never expressed any interest in her and was always chasing other women, she thought I didn¹t want her? It doesn¹t matter. She couldn¹t live without John. Can you?
Gina: Of course! What makes you think I couldn¹t? The fact that I¹ve been saying I can¹t incessantly for the past few months? But why don¹t I remember the letter John told me to get?
Stefano: Let me say this one more time to get it through your thick head. YOU ARE NOT THE REAL PRINCESS GINA! She has the stupid letter. She¹s sitting up in yet another secret room, with completely gray hair and wrinkles, despite the fact that in flashbacks she¹s a contemporary of John, who hasn¹t aged a day, crying over a fifteen-year-old letter, which is neither faded nor smeared nor disintegrating despite a decade or so of such treatment.
(giggling) Steffy! You¹re so funny! That¹s silly.

MEANWHILE, Eric and Greta chat.
Greta: I always wanted to be just like my mother.
Eric: Descending into insanity? I think you covered that when you ran around the Bayou smeared with mud and answering to ³Swamp Girl.² Hey, let¹s go to Europe to find out about your mother. My job isn¹t important enough to stay here for. It¹s not like traveling to Europe costs money.
Greta: Especially since we were both raised my multizillionaire John Black, despite the fact that we¹re almost the same age and we grew up a continent and a half apart. I wish he was my real father, but I¹m grateful for what I had with him.
Eric: So am I. That¹s why I¹m always telling him off. So, off to Europe. To our partnership! May it be less mind-numbing than the one I had with Nicole.

MEANWHILE, Eric¹s twin explores the Kiriakisless Mansion.
Brandon: Sami, if . . . I . . . . understand . . . . correctly . . .
Sami: I think it¹s a safe bet that you don¹t.
Brandon: Roberto . . . confessed to . . . Franco¹s murder.
Sami: My Dad doesn¹t think so, and he has great instincts. For a cop.
Brandon: Ever heard . . . of ³damning . . . with faint praise?²
Sami: I actually did like your sister once, before she married that loser. Who, by the way, is much better with me than with her.
Brandon: How about . . . I take Will . . . swimming.
Sami: Be careful.
Brandon: He has . . . a raft, a vest . . . and water wings . . .
Sami: I guess that¹s enough to keep him safe. We¹d need more if it was Austin.
Nicole: Lucas, I¹ll be nice to Sami. Even though she and her brother didn¹t do everything in the world to help me-- wait, yes they did. And I like Will. Not enough to keep him from falling in the pool, but enough to hang around you and your mom¹s five million dollars. Now where did I leave that check lying around this time? Oh well, it¹s not like you or Sami would go snooping through my things, so I won¹t bother to hide it.

End of Show
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