Friday, July 16, 1999

Hey, have I watched every episode of Days this week? I really do need to find something else to do with my time. But if Iím going to waste my time, Iím going to waste yours, too. Read on:

The Kiriakisless Mansion is a busy place.

Nicole: Look after Will?! Just because I stood up in court and told the world I wanted to be that little boyís stepmother doesnít mean I should feel responsible to give up one afternoon by the pool for him when his father is busy.
(storming in) Nicole, I knew you werenít a fit stepmother! (sees Brandon) Who the hell is he?
Nicole: My brother.
(Brandon eyes Sami up.)
Sami: Youíve gotta be kidding.
Nicole: Why? Because Brandon and I donít look like we could be seventeenth cousins, let alone siblings?
Sami: No. Because Iím obviously going to have to act against him in addition to Duh-Boy! Why do you get to be paired with Lucas instead of me? Did he promise you all the money you could dream of?
Nicole: Thatís absurd! I can dream of WAY more than five million dollars.
Brandon: Youíre . . . firey. You . . . could . . . light . . . up . . . half . . . of . . . Salem. Like . . . a . . . woman . . . possessed.
Sami: Um, we donít like to talk about possessed women lighting up half of Salem in my family.

MEANWHILE, Samiís sister is also busy at the hospital.
Ali: Craig! Theyíre going to make a movie about me!
Craig: Great. As long as Austin Peck doesnít play me.
Mike: Carrie, I need to talk to you someplace private. Not my office, which apparently doesnít have a door with a lock on it. The park, where weíre always conveniently the only ones there even though the weather is beautiful.
(They go to the park.) Carrie, I have to tell you that I did sleep with Ali. Iím sorry. Itís just that you were sleeping with Austin.
Carrie: Well, we were married! That didnít make it okay for you to have a relationship with someone else when you loved me. You should have been pining away for me, like Austin is doing and like Lucas did for all those years! But why didnít you tell me?
Mike: I thought my sex life was my own business. Iím sorry.
Carrie: You should be.

MEANWHILE, the older Bradys are still in Hawaii.
Marlena: I think Iíll just drag my husband out of the water and moan instead of, you know, checking for a pulse or something. Itís not like Iím a doctor.
(They arrive at the hospital.)
Bo: John was floating in the water FACE DOWN for the entire show yesterday! Thereís no way he should have survived. Not even a miracle would have saved him. No, it wasnít a miracle. It was a DiMiracle.
Marlena: Speaking of miracles, how is it that I was in the water up to my shoulders when I pulled John out of the ocean but now my dress is dry?

MEANWHILE, on Ginaís submarine:
Stefano: Were you going to take John to some island hideaway?
Gina: Thatís more your style.
Stefano: I guess it is. Marlena never really loved me. Nor did Rachel Blake. Nor did the real Gina. Why?
Gina: Maybe because you stalked them and locked them up and made it impossible for them to watch their children grow up?
Stefano: Nah. That couldnít be it.

End of Show
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