Friday, June 25, 1999

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Stefano and Rolf plan to re-brainwash John Black.

Stefano: Rolf, do you have any idea how close I came to being killed when John attacked me?
Rolf: Stevano, zis is you weíre talking about. Iím zsure you didnít come close to being killed at all.
Stefano: Didnít you promise that John would have no memory flashes after we turned him into Roman Brady?
Rolf: Yeah, I promised you like you promised Marlena youíd keep Zami out of zuh death chamber. (Stefano moves toward him menacingly.) Kidding, kidding. But it was fourteen yearz ago that we turned your mercenary into Roman Brady.
Stefano: Then why are we still going on about it?
Rolf: Lack of imagination, perhapz? By zuh way, when Zohn and Gina take off, do you think Marlena and Bo will become a couple?
Stefano: Marlena and Bo! Thatís as ridiculous as John and Gina!
Rolf: Which means weíll be seeing them kisz next week.

MEANWHILE, at the hospital:
Board of Director: Mike, Iím sure Ali wouldnít sue you for money. Itís not like youíre a rich doctor from a rich family and sheís a nurse with an inferiority complex.
Carrie: Mike, youíre being sued? And you hid it from me?
Mike: Because I love you. One of the things I love most about you is that youíre so stupid that you donít pick up on the fact that your lover is being sued for sexual harassment even though the newspapers have been reporting it.
Carrie: Donít keep things from me. We have to support each other.
(Runs her hands all over his body.) But remember that I want to cut off our affair. Why do you keep thinking otherwise?

MEANWHILE, Bo wonders why Hope is interested in Vivianís paintings.
Bo: You see, my ex-wife stopped my friend from giving this painting away.
Art Expert: Why not ask your ex-wife why?
Bo: That would be too easy.
Art Expert: Youíre sick. I feel like Iím trapped in a horror movie.
Bo: Be glad you missed the possession thing.

MEANWHILE, Hope/Gina is unaware of Boís plan as she listens to Greta.
Greta: You understand me. You lost your mother, too. Although you donít even remember her, and your father and the stepmother who raised you are still alive despite the fact that you never mention them. Me, I donít know who my father is.
Hope/Gina: Oh, I can help you there. This is Salem. Itís either John or Stefano.

MEANWHILE, John himself needs some help from Roman.
John: Belle, my sweet baby. I love you so much. I loved you when you were baby and had one face. And a toddler with another face. In fact, in every memory I have of you, you have a different face. Maybe Iíll look into this after I find my hidden past.
Roman: John, hi. I hear youíre getting married to my ex-wife that you had an affair with while she was married to me. Iím so glad!!!!!
John: But did you hear I almost took Stefano out this morning? And it was not the first time.
Roman: I know it wasnít the first time. All of the Bradys and pseudo-Bradys have been trying to take him out for years.
John: Speaking of Bradys and pseudo-Bradys, I want to change Belleís fatherís name, legally. The DNA test and the facts that you were out of town for most of her life and that you divorced her mother over her parentage werenít enough to get this done years ago.

MEANWHILE, Marlena and the twins are picking out a wedding dress, as the one that Marlena wore to her last almost-wedding to John wonít do.
Sami: Thanks for including me, Mom.
Marlena: When have I ever not included you and Eric?
Sami: Well, there were those years you shipped us off to Colorado and forgot about us.
Marlena: Just because I never noticed you were gone doesnít mean I forgot you.
Sami: Anyway, Iím truly sorry for the problems I caused you and John. I just wanted my parents to be together. Boy, I hope Will never wants Lucas and me to get together.
(whining) Is it okay if I want you and Lucas to get together? I wish Will would hurry up and get old enough to say "I wanna be a family."
(arriving) Hmm. Youíre engaged to be married. You wanted me to meet you in a bridal shop, saying it was urgent. I wonder why?
Marlena: John and I are getting married tomorrow. Sorry I told the whole town before I told you, but you know how it is.
Eric: Well, Miss- Two- Divorces- and- extramarital- affair- and- years- spent- imprisoned- by- crazy- people- trying- stop- your- weddings, I hope you have better luck at lasting happiness than your children have had.
Sami: Iím sure theyíll be happy. Belle is so lucky to have them for parents. They made every mistake there is with us, so sheíll probably turn out okay.

End of Show
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