Thursday, June 24, 1999

At the hospital:
Mike: Craig, you, Nancy, Ali, and Claire seem to be plotting. What are you doing in Carrieís office?
Craig: We just stepped in here. Itís okay to use the office of someone who hates you because itís a few inches closer to where you are than your own office is, right?
Mike: I think youíre up to no good. Explain yourselves.
Craig: Well, we thought we saw a parade of purple unicorns outside the window, so we came in here to videotape it to show to you, because we didnít want our favorite Chief of Staff to miss it, but then we realized we didnít have a camcorder, so we went through Carrieís things to see if she had one.
Mike: Oh. I see youíre completely innocent. Thanks.

MEANWHILE, Nikki and Auntie Viv chat.
Nikki: Itís almost as if Hope and Gina are the same person.
Vivian: I knew that your not spending your whole life in Salem would eventually pay off in a few functioning brain cells.
Nikki: My few functioning brain cells also tell me that Boís a loser for letting Hope walk all over him like that. And Uncle John was giving me some advice--
Vivian: Nikki, Nikki, Nikki. Do not go to your Uncle John for advice about anything except breaking chains when the woman you love walks into the room. Speaking of that, why doesnít Stefano find something else to tie him up with if chains donít work?

MEANWHILE, is Billie actually doing actual work?
Billie: Mom, I need you to sign this Countess Wilomena invoice. Iím not sure why, since I founded that company myself, but I do.
Kate: I believe I stole your company from you at some point, daughter dearest, but letís not talk about that. Letís talk about getting back at Bo for talking Victor into attending Vivianís party. I donít mind Victor going out of his way to protect me and my Franco-killing son, but he shouldnít do favors for his own son. Maybe Bo just wants revenge on me for trying to send Franco between him and Hope. The world does revolve around me, you know.
Billie: Yes, but Boís world revolves around Hope. He wouldnít leave her unless she died or married someone else.
Kate: Donít be silly. He wouldnít leave her just because of death. He might be fooled into thinking she was dead once, or twice, but by now heís learned that death is only a temporary inconvenience.

MEANWHILE, John, in a trance, attempts to kill Stefano.
Hope/Gina: John, I realize that you are an invincible killing machine, but thatís no reason a five-foot-four-or-so anorexic canít yank you off your victim, right?
Stefano: Gasp, gasp, choke.
Hope/Gina: Steffy, you really do spend to much time with Doc. Youíre starting to sound like her.
John: Oh no! What happened? Did I kill him?
Hope/Gina: No, heís fine.
(Kicks Stefano under the bench and sits John on it.) Now, look at my compact here, but donít go having any memory flashes.
(in flashback) Gina, donít you want a life with your daughter Greta and me?
(in flashback) My daughter Greta? Even in Salem time, and by the way weíre not in Salem, Iím way to young to have a daughter her age.
(arriving to break the flashback) John! What happened?
John: I almost killed Stefano.
Marlena: Oh God, thatís awful. But donít worry, sooner or later heíll actually die and we wonít have to be disappointed.
Sami: Mom, Iím going off with Hope/Gina. Remember: you and John were in a completely different situation from the one Carrie and Mike are in.
Marlena: Werenít you just telling Carrie yesterday that the situations were the same?
Sami: Continuity schmontinuity.
(leaves with Hope/Gina)
Hope/Gina: I think youíre suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome. You might need professional help.
Sami: Youíre right. I didnít need professional help when I was raped, and a rapist, and a liar, and a blackmailer, and a manipulator, but now that Iím behaving myself I need it.
Hope/Gina: And you arenít the only one. John might go off the deep end.
Sami: How do you know?
Hope/Gina: Because Iím going to push him.

End of Show
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