Wednesday, June 9, 1999

Nicole and Eric discuss her marriage.
Eric: Why did you marry Lucas? Because a wife canít testify against her husband?
Nicole: Actually, she can.
Eric: I knew I should have checked that out with a real lawyer instead of just Mickey before I accused you.
Nicole: So leave.
Eric: No! You still love me.
Nicole: My, you are conceited, arenít you.
Eric: I can tell by the sweet way you talk to me that you love me. What do you know about Lucas? His middle name? His shirt size? The music he likes?
Nicole: I donít know any of that about you, either.
Eric: Which proves that you love me so much you didnít have time to notice.
(leaves and goes to find Sami)
Sami: Kate, Iím a good person now. You can tell because my clothes arenít too small and Iím not doing an overvoice with that echo effect while we talk. And thereís no nasty music when I enter a scene.
Kate: Save it for Sally Jesse. The theme is "Help! My brotherís fiancee married the father of my child and my sisterís husband, the brother of the father of my child, seems to like me better than her!"
Sami: Nicole only married Lucas because he threatened her.
Kate: No he didnít. That what he has a mommy for.
(arriving, as Kate leaves) I just came to tell you Iím going back to Colorado.
Sami: Okay, Iíll forget to mention your name for five years or so, then babble about how much I missed you when you come back.

MEANWHILE, Austin and Lucas are ready to appear on Sally Jesse with Sami.
Lucas: Will does not need his mother. I was raised by my mother, and look how I turned out.
Austin: I think you have a guilty conscience.
Lucas: Did you just say "think?"
Austin: Whereís Nicole?
Lucas: When you first married Carrie, did I always have to know where she was?
Austin: Yes.
Lucas: Oh.

MEANWHILE, Vivian and Nikki are getting ready for the party.
Vivian: Auntie Viv has lots of tricks up her sleeve.
Nikki: Thatís a sleeveless dress.
Vivian: Donít be so literal.
(pause) Iíve missed you. But I know you have your career to get back to.
Nikki: Well, all that time I spent with you in Salem taught me that you can take years off from work at a time and still have more money than you know what to do with.

MEANWHILE, Stefano has bigger problems than Vivianís party.
John: Youíre going to leave Doc alone, and thatís a fact.
Stefano: What, Marlena lets you speak for her? Take it from me, thatís easier if you lock her in a cage first.
(suddenly in a trance as he remembers how Stefano once cruelly forced him to appear on "American Gladiators") Prepare to fight or die, and thatís a fact. DiMera, I was never a priest, and thatís a fact.
Stefano: Then how did you exorcise the devil from Marlena?
John: You had something to do with it, and thatís a fact.
Stefano: Iím a mortal, just like you.
John: True. No one is able to kill either of us, and thatís a fact.
(John leaves; Stefano calls Gina/Hope.)
Stefano: Gina, meet me right now.
(on phone at Marlenaís) Shawn-D! I forgot I had a kid! So you did well on your geometry final? How is it that you and Nikki used to play together and now heís an investment banker and youíre taking geometry? (hangs up) Marlena, I have to get a present for Shawn-D. But I am glad your ordeal is over.
Marlena: The important thing is, my daughter is free. What was her name again?
Gina/Hope: Iím glad you and John are happy. You donít have to get past anything, like I have to get past Bo and Billieís daughter.
Marlena: John and I got past Roman and Annaís daughter, Romanís and my son and daughter, John and Isabellaís son, and John and Kristenís son. Not to mention our own daughter. So suck it up and deal.
(gritted teeth) I am happy for you.
Marlena: Something tells me you arenít.
Gina/Hope: That must be your extensive psychological training.
(Gina/Hope finally goes to meet Stefano.)
Stefano: We have a problem. John came to see me.
Gina/Hope: Whatís wrong with that? That sounds nice.
(Stefano spend the rest of the show wiping drool off her chin.)

End of Show
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