Tuesday, June 8, 1999

John and Marlena wake up in bed.
Marlena: I feel like Iíve got my life back.
John: Back? When have you ever had it before?
Marlena: Oh
(gasp) look (gasp) your (gasp) Phoenix (gasp) tattoo (gasp) that (gasp) never (gasp) bothered (gasp) me (gasp) before (gasp) in (gasp) all (gasp) the (gasp) time (gasp) weíve (gasp) been (gasp) married (gasp) or (gasp) living (gasp) together.
John: Iíll have it removed. I donít need a constant reminder of Stefano. I can remember him all by myself.
Marlena: Iím so proud.

MEANWHILE, Vivian is getting ready for her party.
Vivian: Bo, look.
Bo: Nikki! What the hell are you doing here?
Nikki: Oh, I assume I have some deep dark secret and need money, but weíll get into that later. And I go by "Nicholas" now. Some of Nicoleís past associates call her "Nicky," and we have to be distinguished by our names because our acting talent wonít do it.

MEANWHILE, said Nicole is with a Mysterious Visitor (trademark) of her own.
Nicole: Iím married to the heir to Titan.
Brandon: Philip Kiriakis? Isnít he about five years old? Nicky, youíve done some pretty weird things, but this tops them all.
Nicole: No, Iím married to Lucas Roberts. The almost-step-son of Victor Kiriakis.
Brandon: Why is he the heir over Philip, or Victorís illegitimate son Bo, or his grandchildren, Shawn-Douglas and Brady, or even his older almost-step-children, Austin and Billie?
Nicole: Youíre missing the point. I want out of this marriage.

MEANWHILE, Gina/Hope is with Stefano.
Stefano: Have you finished copying the paintings.
Gina/Hope: I canít tell a lie.
Stefano: Since when?
Gina/Hope: Theyíre almost done. Iíll go over later.
Stefano: Be careful.
Gina/Hope: Iím an expert at keeping myself invisible, thanks to this curling iron you gave me.
Stefano: No, no, no. The curling iron is for wiping memories. The hairspray is for invisibility.
Gina/Hope: Oh yeah.

MEANWHILE, Sami, Austin, and Will are having a "family" day.
Will: Babble babble babble babble.
Sami: You canít even say "I love you, Mommy" on cue, but now youíre chattering on over Austinís and my moving dialogue?
(kicks him)
Austin: Sami! Will uh how uh about uh buying uh a toy? A uh ball? Youíll uh be uh like uh Michael uh Jordan.
Sami: Well, before Will joins the NBA, and as a public service announcement, Iíd like to say that the Knicks suck, letís have some family time. Unless you want to go to Carrie.
Austin: No.
Sami: I donít find it at all odd that Austin and Carrie wonít go into a room together.

End of Show
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