Monday, June 7, 1999

Kate is telling Victor all about her crimes on an insecure phone.
Kate: (on phone) Well, at least Lucas put on an award-winning performance. Iíve finally squeezed all the conscience out of that boy. (sighs) Heís been such a trial . . .
(entering) Kate.
(hanging up) Go away, Roman.
Roman: No. This isnít a social call. Iím here because I still think you framed my daughter for murder, not because I like your animal-print suits. How many endangered species had to die for that one, by the way?
Kate: Roman, go home. Get some sleep, and youíll see things more clearly.
Roman: Hmm, suspicious. Kate should know that people in Salem donít sleep.

MEANWHILE, Bo and Hope are chatting.
Bo: Youíre not Hope.
Hope/Gina: I see Romanís been sharing his smart pills.
Bo: That wasnít you who just kissed me. I mean, on a scale of one to ten--
Hope/Gina: Hey! You arenít Bo! Bo canít count that high! See, how do you like it? And why do you always blame Stefano for everything? Surely not because heís actually responsible for everything.
Bo: Well, why to YOU want you and Billie and me to all be best buddies? Thatís sick
(pauses to think) . . . actually, maybe we should go with that (pauses again) . . . NO! . . . whatís going on?

MEANWHILE, Samiís ordeal seems to be over.
Austin: Carrie uh itís uh sad uh that uh it uh took uh Samiís uh death uh to uh make uh you uh realize uh that uh sheís uh not uh evil. Youíre uh worse uh you did uh one uh bad uh thing uh and uh Samiís uh done uh hundreds.
Carrie: Well, youíre too hard on Lucas. He tried to save her.
Austin: Uh if uh he uh really uh wanted uh to uh save uh her uh he uh would uh have uh confessed.
Carrie: He did. He just took it back when she was safe.
Austin: Uh.
Mike: Sami can go home.
Sami: Whereís home?
Austin: With uh me.
Sami: Wow. It took me five minutes to get him to invite me to live with him when Will was born. My time has really gone down.
Mike: Well, since Austin just offered to live with Sami, Carrie can live with me.
Sami: Do I sense that Austin and Carrie arenít together? Naw.
Carrie: Mike, I canít live with you. Youíll ruin your good reputation.
Mike: What good reputation?

MEANWHILE, Lucas/Eric/Nicole drones on.
Lucas: Sami is important to me. Why is that so hard for you to believe? Just because Iíve been saying every day for months that I hate her and she ruined my life?
Eric: Nicole, doesnít it bug you at all that the man youíre married to confessed to murder.
Nicole: If I didnít already suspect that he was the killer, Iím even stupider than I look, Eric.
Eric: That doesnít mean you have to go with him. You can come with me. Youíre free.
Nicole: Actually, I cost about five million.
Lucas: See? Sheís mine.
Nicole: Lucas! You buy hookers, not your wife.
Lucas: But sometimes you get two for the price of one.

End of Show
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