June 3rd 1999

Stefano is watching the television reports of Samiís death when the doorbell rings.
Stefano: Somebody get that door! Just because itís midnight doesnít mean my servants can take more than five seconds to get to the door.
(entering) You did nothing to help Marlena, but Samiís life has been saved.
Stefano: Something happened in Salem without my being behind it! Whoída thunk it.
Hope/Gina: Why didnít you help?
Stefano: Kate is a business associate of mine, and she hates Sami, so it seemed reasonable to let her die. Anyway, Marlena doesnít know I didnít help; itís not like sheíll be able to find out why the execution was stopped.
Hope/Gina: So youíll lie. Iím shocked, *shocked*, that Stefano DiMera would do such a thing.

MEANWHILE, most of the rest of Salem is with a dead Sami.
Lucas: I would never let Sami die!
Eric: You just did.
Lucas: Oh.
(tearfully) I canít believe sheís gone. We stuck together our whole lives, except for those five years when she was in Salem having adventures and my name was never mentioned.
Executioner: The order has been given to halt the execution. Too bad we didnít stop before she was already dead, but you canít always be picky.
Reporter: Why is there a police chopper here? And why does the police chopper say "Channel 4 news?"
Marlena: None of this matters. My baby is dead.
Mike: Not so fast, Marlena. Luckily, I went to the Princess Bride School of Medicine, and I know that Sami is only mostly dead. And mostly dead is slightly alive. Now with all dead, thereís only one thing you can do-- go through her pockets and look for loose change.
(Mike does CPR)
Lucas: You mean Roberto confessed to Francoís murder, too? Did I say I killed Franco? Well, what I meant was that--
Roman: Come on, youíre going to the police station.
Kate: Iíll come too.
Roman: Of course, we couldnít expect Lucas to make up a fake story all by himself.
Reporter: I need an interview! Detective Bo Brady! What do you have to say?
Bo: There is nothing more important than love and truth. Except maybe getting Hope back in the sack.
(A now alive Sami is taken to the hospital, where she wakes up to Austin.)
Sami: Is this heaven?
Austin: Mike? I think she has brain damage. She thinks waking up to me is heaven.
Mike: I guess those drugs had to have some effect.

End of Show
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