June 2nd 1999

At the hospital, Kate makes a final effort to make Roberto confess to Francoís murder.
Roberto: Iíis ly-ing to canfess to a crime híI dih nah commit.
Kate: Roberto, youíre dying!
Roberto: Oh. Tha makes híit okay.
Kate: If you confess to the murder, I will take care if your sister and your mother. And you know how trustworthy Iíve been so far.
(entering) Oh, Kate what am I gonna do?
(to herself) Youíre asking ME? (to Roman) You used to think I was the one who framed Sami.
Roman: I know thereís good in you. Somewhere. This is a hospital; maybe we can get a microscope around here strong enough to see it.

MEANWHILE, Lucas has just heard about Samiís impending death and rushes back to Salem.
Lucas: How can I let this happen? How can I let Sami die for a crime I committed?
Nicole: What can you do for Sami? Itís not like you committed the crime.
Lucas: Sometimes Iím glad youíre such a lousy listener.
(they jump out of the limo and push through the crowd of spectators outside death row.)
Lucas: Excuse me! Iím sorry, let us through!
Nicole: Lucas!?
Lucas: Yeah?
Nicole: I didnít know you knew words like "excuse me" and "Iím sorry."

MEANWHILE, a reporter describes the execution process to his audience and to Sami.
Reporter: Now, this a former gas chamber, like one you would find in a small town such as Aremid, that was converted for lethal injection. The lethal injection process involves three powerful drugs. The first causes the victim to flashback to experiences she never had. The second causes everyone in the room to moan and cry. And the third causes amnesia. What, you didnít really think we were going to kill anyone, did you?
Sami: Mom? I canít believe you went to Stefano for help.
Marlena: Well, I tried my usual methods- gasping, wearing makeup, chasing John, ignoring my job, ignoring my kids- first, but when they didnít work I went to Stefano.
Sami: This is worse than when I was a little girl and you went away and never came back.
Marlena: Which explains why Iím here now.
Sami: When you did come back, you tried to turn me into a good person by asking me to lie to my father about your extramarital affair. Iím sorry I wasnít a better person, Mom.
Marlena: I wish I could comfort you.
Sami: Could you sing to me like when I was little and had nightmares?
(sings) Rock-a-bye Sami, in a jail cell.
Your mother was dead once, your father as well.
Youíll get lethal poison, but you wonít die.
Life canít end in Salem; Sami, donít cry.

(Sami is escorted to the death chamber and asked to make a final statement.)
Caroline: Donít lose hope!
Bo: It would be hard to; you just look for two big-
Caroline: This is not the time.
Bo: Sorry.
Sami: I know Iíve caused you pain, but even so, youíre all here. Thank you for being here.
Carrie: I just came to make sure you were really going to die.
Executioner: Be it known that the Court of Salem and its all-powerful
District Attorney decree that Samantha Gene Brady suffer the penalty of death for the crime of not breaking the law. We never punish people who do break the law; she should have realized that.
(The red phone rings; everyone looks relieved, thinking someone has come through and Sami has been pardoned. The executioner answers.)
Executioner: NO, I do NOT want to change my long distance company!
(Injects Sami.)
(Sami dreams as she loses consciousness. She remembers a birthday party that she and Eric had as young teenagers, but then remembers that she and Eric went from age eight to age fifteen in six months, so that couldnít have happened. And she dreams of Franco instead.)
Franco: I luff Ope, an híI mus brea híup Boanope for Kay an Beelee. Buh híif tha das nah werk, híI híwill marr-rry Samee Bra-dy. I hate Samee. Buh híI mus haf a green card. Now hI am dea, an hI do nah need a green card. I do nah care híif Samee dies for my murder. No wan cares- she his a beetch.
(real life) I did it! I shot Franco! Stop the execution!
Franco: Too bah. Sheíll haf to leef a while lan-ger.

End of Show
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