May 31st 1999

Happy Memorial Day!

As the countdown to Samiís death proceeds, everyone in Salem tries to help her. Roman meets with Joe Moroni, head of the Salem Mob (thatís funny by itself).
Joe: I know nothing, just like the rest of the men in Salem, including you.
Franco Kelly worked for Kate, not me. If you think his employer had something to do with his death, why not interrogate Kate?
Roman: That would make too much sense. Besides, Iím hoping to get Kate into bed. Look, Iíll make you an offer you canít refuse.
Joe: Just donít ever ask me about my business.
Roman: Your business-
Joe: OKAY, this ONE time, Iím gonna let you ask me about my business.
Roman: Are you really the head of the Salem mob?
Joe: No, of course not.
Roman: All right.
(skips out happily)

MEANWHILE, John and Marlena storm the governorís office.
assistant: Should I call security?
Marlena: No.
assistant: Okay . . . hey, wait, I wasnít asking you.
Marlena: Too bad!
(shoves him out the door)
governor: Look, Sami has no grounds for an appeal. We canít give out appeals in just any case. I was elected to carry out the will of my constituents.
John: Actually, they elected you because they think youíll make your own good decisions. Thatís why you donít have to hold a referendum on everything. You see, on one hand you have a true democracy, and on the other, you have a republic--
Marlena: John! You said something intelligent! You must be having memory flashes! Letís go!
(They rush out, forgetting all about Sami.)

MEANWHILE, Kate is at the hospital, also trying to prevent Samiís death.
Kate: Now Roberto, just tell Roman you framed Sami.
Roberto: Nah so fas. I doínaíwan to go to pree-san for a crime híI dih nah commit.
Kate: Why do people keep saying that?! Itís so annoying.
(to Roberto) Look, I really, really (cackles fiendishly) hate for you to hear the news this way, but you wonít live through the week. And you have to lie to Roman for me. Iím the good person in this situation- thatís why Iím keeping you from spending your last few hours of consciousness with your sister.

MEANWHILE, outside the prison, a man is carrying a sign reading "Kill the Bitch!" when Tracey arrives.
Tracey: Do you really want that little boyís mother to die?
man: Well, I went to all the trouble to make this sign and come down here and demonstrate, but now that you mention it, no.
(also arriving, with Caroline) Look at this.
man2: Would you like a complimentary "fry Sami" poster?
Shawn: No!
man2: You support murder?
Shawn: I support justice! And as God is my witness, this is not justice! And Iíll never be hungry again. Iíll take Sami back to Tara, and weíll make fish chowder, and
Caroline: Letís go.
(also arriving) oh you want to interview me well if Sami dies it will be a tragedy for everyone because our faith in the judicial system will have been misplaced I hope the governor comes to his senses and pardons her young son here deserves to know his mother this sentence is a disgrace you can see and hear how passionate I feel about this.
Sami: Eric, weíve always been able to feel each other. Sense it when the other was hurting and come running to the rescue. So I guess I wasnít hurting for those five years when I was in Salem watching our parentsí marriage breaking up and kidnapping our sister and getting raped and running away to Seattle and having a c-section and getting run over and such and you stayed in Colorado without even calling. Anyway, even after I die, Iíll know if youíre at peace and I want you to be at peace. So Iíll tell you to take on Kate Roberts and spend your life attempting to avenge yourself and me and maybe getting her to frame you for murder, too. And watch out for Will.
Eric: Whatever good is in him came from you. So I think everyone had better watch out for him.

MEANWHILE, Lucas and Nicole are the only Salemites unaware of Samiís plight.
Lucas: Nicole, what I feel for you is real love. I only want whatís best for you. I want what you want. Unless of course you want to dump me and go back to the man you really love that my mom and I forced you to manipulate. So what shall we do now? Play tennis?
(disgusted) I never learned. And I donít really want to. Although I did fantasize about playing tennis with you when you first started trying to bribe me into marrying you.
Lucas: Well, weíll just sit in the hot tub, then.
(later) Hey, I just realized why Will isnít answering the phone.
Nicole: Why?
Lucas: He canít talk.
Nicole: Will is a lucky little boy. Heís been kidnapped repeatedly, been through several custody hearings, and is about to lose his mother who has been the only constant in his life, but he has so many nice things.
Lucas: And I have a nice thing for you.
(Gives her a heavily jeweled necklace.)
Nicole: Wow.
(They begin to make out, but when Lucas kisses Nicoleís neck, he cuts himself on the necklace and because there is so much blood they donít go any farther.)

End of Show
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