May 27th 1999

Our show begins at the hospital, where Roman tries to get Robertoís statement that the mob killed Franco.
Roberto: Franco híwas sell-ing drags, aníe híwas skim-ing drags and maney fram tha Moroni family. Tha bullet at tha Penthouse Greel that hit Sameee híwas intended for Franco. Tha day of tha wed-ing of Samee and Franco-
Lexie: Heís dying! Everybody out!
Roman: Does it count as "out" if I take one step away from his bed but am still standing in the middle of this medical equipment?

MEANWHILE, at the police station, Samiís mother is also unhappy about the situation.
Marlena: Youíre going to execute an innocent girl! You canít do that!
DA: What are we supposed to do, arrest someone for a crime whoís actually guilty of it for once? That wouldnít be any fun. Listen, her appeals failed.
Marlena: What appeals? You havenít given her time to file appeals.
DA: Well, they would fail if we didnít kill her before she officially filed them. Thatís pretty much the same thing, right?
(Marlena goes home and tearfully breaks the news to John.)
John: Theyíre executing her at midnight? Well, thatís a long was off, and thatís a fact. So how about we still get married and have our honeymoon today?

MEANWHILE, Kate has also heard about the execution.
Kate: I canít let Lucas spill his guts about who really killed Franco.
(calls Victor) Hello, Darling?
Victor: Vivian?
Kate: No.
Victor: Julie?
Kate: No.
Victor: Carly?
Kate: No.
Victor: Caroline?
Kate: Itís Kate, you idiot.
Victor: Sorry. I found other things to do with my time when you didnít visit me for a few years. But now that youíre back, letís discuss a murder in which you were a suspect and which you happen to be partially guilty of over an insecure phone line.

MEANWHILE, Eric screams for Nicole outside the Kiriakisless Mansion.
Eric: Stella! No, I really canít pull that off. Nicole! NICOLE! Hmm, maybe this wonít look as silly if I rip up some of the plastic bushes growing here. Nope, that didnít help. NICOLE!
Lucas: Idiot, get off my property.
Eric: Youíre the idiot if you think this is *your* property.
Lucas: Go away before I call the cops. Iím related to most of the Salem Police Force.
Eric: No, thatís me.
(Kate enters and grabs Nicole.)
Nicole: I think-
Kate: I didnít pay you five million dollars to think.
Nicole: And thatís a good thing, too.

MEANWHILE, Gina/Hope seems to be the only Salemite not wrapped up in Samiís execution.
Gina/Hope: Rolf, I will not allow John and Marlena to marry.
Rolf: Vat do you have to do vith Zohn and Marlena?
Gina/Hope: Well, now that Kristenís gone, someone has to chase John while he chases her and it might as well be me.
Rolf: Zuh two of you must have had a deeper connection than working ven you were in Europe.
Gina/Hope: Think about working. Think about what Carrie and Austin or Sami and Franco did at Titan. Think about what Jack and Jennifer did at their newspaper. Think about what Bo and I did at the police station.
Rolf: Point taken. But zuh old Zohn was vastly different from zis one.
Gina/Hope: Yeah, he had a brain.
Rolf: And thatís a fact.

End of Show
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