May 24th 1999

Samiís dash to Canada has been interrupted by Roman.
Roman: I canít let you go on the run because youíve been falsely convicted of murder. Think about it- I would never do something like that. I would have the decency to go on the run WITHOUT my kids. Speaking of which, Duck and I miss you.

MEANWHILE, Lucas doesnít know Sami has been caught.
Lucas: Mommy, you donít want Sami to die, do you?
Kate: Of course not, Sweetie, thatís why I framed her for murder and cheered for weeks after Austin ran over her a few years ago.
Lucas: I knew you were good, Mommy.
(he starts to skip off happily, then turns) But Mommy, Sami gave Nicole her start in modeling-
Kate: Hey! You know I like to take credit for that!
Lucas: Sorry. Anyway, what will Nicole say when she realizes how awful Iíve been to Sami?
Kate: Probably "go Lucas, a man after my own heart."

MEANWHILE, Taylor wonders why Nicole married Lucas.
Nicole: Taylor, itís complicated.
Taylor: IT is NOT complicated. SITUATIONS are ALWAYS black AND white, NICKY!

MEANWHILE, Eric misses Nicole.
Eric: Nicole said I deserved better. And thatís a lie! All the Bradys do disgusting things eventually- I really, really deserve a lying, manipulative, materialistic wife! She must have just married Lucas out of insecurity.
Billie: Sheís beautiful and rich. How could she be insecure? Do you think Bo will like me in this outfit? I hope Iím smart enough to keep running my company . . .
Eric: I think Lucas threatened her job. And she didnít know she could work anywhere. Itís not like Sami and I told her she could every day.

MEANWHILE, John and Marlena are dealing with his recovered memories.
John: Things happen for reasons we donít understand, especially people with our limited brain power, and especially when the head writer is changing history. I donít want to waste time searching for my past. The year or so I spent solidly working on it was enough.
Marlena: I love you, so.
John: I love you, too. And donít call me "So."
Marlena: I have an idea!
John: Any idea you have is great. Well, I donít remember you having many ideas in the past, but they must have been better than mine.
Marlena: Letís get married. Samiís on the run and Ericís heart is broken and Carrieís marriage is falling apart, so we wonít have to deal with them. Itís the perfect time.

MEANWHILE, the D.A, has learned of Samiís "capture."
DA: Weíll have to execute her as soon as she gets back to the police station. No appeals, no nothing.
Abe: The American government is apparently even better than the French one, where people get thrown in jail without being told the reason and kidnapped children arenít returned to their parents if they arenít married.

End of Show
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