May 20th 1999

Why stand in line to watch Star Wars when you can have Days instead?

John and Hope/Gina are in the park.
Hope/Gina: Just hold the compact. And try not to crush it like youíre always crushing shackles when Stefanoís holding you prisoner and you see Marlena.
John: I . . . remember. The Force . . . thereís an interruption in the Force. . . DiMeraís nearby . . . heís making my memories come in black and white instead of color.
Hope/Gina: Look, Iím here. See, my body that you could never get enough of.
John: Well, thereís enough now. If you add any more, youíll fall over.
Hope/Gina: Take me. You love me. Iím Princess Gina.
John: Wait a second. I knew Princess Gina. Princess Gina was my friend. Hope Williams Brady, you are no Princess Gina!

MEANWHILE, Sami is on the run to Ontario with Will in tow.
Sami: Will, you are the best thing that ever happened to me. Youíre better than being kidnapped by Stefano, better than having my dad die, better than having my dad come back to life, better than having my mom die, better than finding out that the only parent I really remembered was a brainwashed pawn of Stefanoís, better than having my mom and dad come back from the dead and ship me off to Colorado so they wouldnít have to deal with me, better than catching my mom cheated on my dad and having her ask me to lie about it, better than my dad leaving town and ignoring me for years, better than not hearing from my twin brother for years, better than having bulimia, better than being raped as a teenager and being made to look like a liar at the trial . . .

MEANWHILE, Samiís sister has caused problems of her own at the hospital.
Mike: Austin, letís talk in my office.
Austin: Uh afraid uh that uh Iíll uh hit uh you uh again? Uh afraid uh the uh hospital uh will uh find uh out uh what uh you uh are?
Mike: No, just embarrassed to be seen talking to an idiot like you.
Austin: Uh you uh always uh talked uh about uh being uh faithful uh youíre uh such uh a uh hypocrite.
Mike: You say that like itís a bad thing.
(Carrie enters.)
Austin: Uh get uh youíre uh stuff uh out uh of uh my uh apartment. (leaves)
Carrie: Oh my God.
Mike: Iím sorry.
Carrie: Itís not that. I just hadnít realized weíd gotten around to moving in together.

MEANWHILE, at the Kiriakisless Mansion.
(on phone) Marlena, stay at home in case Sami calls you. You know how eager she always is to talk to you. (hangs up, turns to Abe) Have we found
Austin yet?
Abe: No. Weíve checked Titan for him, though.
Kate: Now I know the police arenít trying. As if thereís a chance Austin would be at WORK!
Lucas: Austin must be with Sami. She says "jump," he says "how high?"
Kate: Be fair, Lucas. He says "Uh how uh high?".

MEANWHILE, at the Kiriakis Hospital.
Victor: My recovery is continuing to astound the medical world. Of course, the Salem medical world is easy to astound since itís still having trouble with that alive/dead thing.
Bo: Vic, you know I donít like Kate because she hired Franco Kelly to "breaíup Boanope." And I know Vivian made your life a living hell, but could you give her another chance?
Victor: You expect me to spend time with a woman I hate for my sonís sake?
Bo: Worked with Sami and Austin.
Victor: But Vivian and I have nothing in common. Sheís only ever out for herself . . . maybe we do have something in common after all.

MEANWHILE, Vivian herself is bringing Nikki up to date on her life.
Nikki: So Jonesy died, but you got his money! Thatís great!
Vivian: Why, Nikki, who taught you to have that sort of outlook on life . . . wait, never mind.

End of Show
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