May 18th 1999

John, Hope, and Billie are discussing Hopeís and Billieís muggings.
Hope: Why bother to report a purse snatching to the police? They wouldnít catch him anyway. Iíve been on the Salem Police force. I know just how incompetent they are.
John: I agree. But you wanted to talk about our past?
Hope: I think itís a shared past.
John: Thatís ridiculous. I was in Salem the whole time you were missing, so you would have to have the memories of someone who I knew years before you disappeared, and thatís an incredible coincidence.
(walks off)
Hope: Billie, John is gone. Letís try to be friends instead of fighting over the stupid compact, which will probably only trigger Johnís memory if I hit him over the head with it.
Billie: Well, at least fighting over the compact makes more sense than fighting over Bo.

MEANWHILE, itís a happy reunion for Vivian and Nikki.
Nikki: You donít look a day older.
Vivian: Isnít it amazing how youíve gone from young teenager to adult in a few years and Iíve only lived a few years. In fact, I think youíve even passed Sami and Eric in age.
Nikki: Probably because the days in Salem last a few weeks in regular time.
Vivian: Iím glad youíre back in time for my goodbye party. Your Auntie Viv is leaving the planet.
Nikki: "
Viv and Ivan in Space" . . . NBCís new soap if Passions doesnít work out!

MEANWHILE, Sami has left prison and made her way back to Will.
Will: Mommy!
Sami: Youíre such a smart boy. Some Salemites are adults long before they figure out who their parents are.
(pause) Donít worry, Iíll get you out of here and you wonít have to deal with your thousands of dollars of toys and your pet horses and your father who loves you anymore.

MEANWHILE, right downstairs
Lucas: Mommy, I donít want anyone putting a needle in Samiís arm!
Kate: Youíre right. Iíll see if we can arrange to have her drawn and quartered.
Lucas: Mommy-
Kate: Donít worry. Mickey will be on retainer for the rest of his life, and when he dies Sami can get a real lawyer whoíll actually get her out of there. And remember that, or youíll take her place on death row.
Lucas: They donít execute you for protecting your Mommy.
Kate: Sure they do. This is Salem. The only way to avoid execution is to kill someone in cold blood.
Lucas: I still want you to set her free.
Kate: Fine. Iíll call 1-800-FREE-SAMI.
(she does) Wow! This will be easy. It turns out that you get a free Sami with every Nicole you buy.
Lucas: Wait . . . you had something to do with my marriage to Nicole?
Kate: Like, duh.

End of Show
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