March 12th 1999

Okay, folks, this is the last one for a while since spring break is over.
Thanks for all the e-mails and posts. And now back to our show:

Austin is still sneaking around the park.
Austin: Oh . . . uh . . . no. A . . . uh . . . mugging. It's . . . uh . . .tough . . . uh . . . being . . . a . . . uh . . . superhero.
BadGuy: I'm gonna choke you! Then no one will have to listen to you as you try to remember your lines.
Austin: I'm . . . uh . . . the . . . uh . . . hero. I . . . uh . . . win.
Woman: I'll just sit here unhurt while you fight off my attacker and not help by getting that rope you asked for, because like you said you're the hero and I'm just the helpless victim of the day.
(a bit later)
Cop: Okay, the gun is sealed. Although I don't think it matters that I wrapped it in plastic since I touched it with my bare hands a second ago.

MEANWHILE, Nicole and Taylor are having a sisterly discussion at Titan.
Nicole: How did you get Lucas to let you model? Did you sleep with him?
Taylor: That's more your style, I think.
Nicole: You have no idea what's going on. Lucas wants me and is using you to make me jealous.
Taylor: That's not true. That can't be true, even though the last time I talked to Lucas he told me to chase Eric so he could have Nicole and suggested some dirty tricks we could play to get what we wanted. Plus, he spent a lot of money and it's not like Lucas would throw Titan money around to show off.
(Nicole leaves and Taylor continues to herself.) My dreams never come true. It's not like I got an important job in a hospital a few days after I started college or got on the good side of a rich family that's throwing money at me or anything like that.
Lucas: I'm driving Nicole crazy, I'll drive her right into my arms. This is the way to treat someone you care about. I mean, it worked so well with Carrie.
Nicole: (entering) Lucas, you can't make me fall in love with you. Who ever told you that you could make someone fall in love with you by manipulating them?
Lucas: Mom, Billie, Sami, Vivian, Kristen, Peter, Austin . . .

MEANWHILE, Roman is upset with amateur sleuths Billie and Eric.
Roman: What the damn hell did you two damn idiots think you were doing?
Billie: I know for a fact that Franco was working for the mob, Roberto told me, and he's a very reliable source.
(Roman and Eric go off to check on Roberto.)
Kate: You destroyed your relationship with Bo by lying, I'm sure your leaving town to let him fall back in love with Hope which he did had nothing to do with it, and now you're lying to Roman.
Billie: I don't spend my time with Roman. I spend it with Eric. I want to have a relationship with every Brady man in Salem. Has Shawn-Douglas been recast as about my age yet?

MEANWHILE, the hospital is a busy place.
Ali: Craig, I'm going to make Mike pay for all the pain and suffering he has caused me. There were all those times he did things with me when he really didn't want to and all those times he apologized to me when he didn't have to and to top it off he offered to promote me!
Craig: Mike is just a bad man! I, on the other hand, am a sensitive guy. I would never do something like be oblivious to the fact that my wife is having an emotional breakdown because she thinks she has breast cancer.
Ali: Will you come talk to the lawyer with me? I need your immoral support.
Craig: As soon as I help Lexie stabilize that gunshot victim. Look how slow she's moving and how long it takes everyone to find the right instruments. They need to watch ER more often.
Mike: You're never in your office Carrie. As your boss, I find I have to ask you if you ever do any work?
Carrie: Huh? Work?
Mike: Just kidding. Wanna kiss?
Carrie: Okay, but I'm afraid Austin knows about us.
Mike: Don't be silly. When Sami had amnesia and thought she and Austin were a couple, did she catch the two of you together? Did Roman catch John and Marlena? Did Kristen catch John and Marlena? Did Marlena catch John and Kristen? Did Hope catch Bo and Billie? Did Bo catch Franco and Hope?
Carrie: You're right. I'm being silly.

End of Show
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