March 11th 1999

Like sands through the hourglass . . .

Nicole and Lucas are at Titan.
Lucas: Stick around, Nicole. You might learn something.
Nicole: Learn? From another model? I've been doing this for almost a year. There's nothing else for me to learn.
Lucas: Okay, people, I want to capture Taylor's innocence. Can't we get an outfit that shows a little more cleavage?
Nicole: TAYLOR?
Taylor: Wow, looks like I'm still in Salem.

MEANWHILE, Austin is being held at gunpoint by a cop.
Cop: You're Austin Reed.
Austin: Thanks . . . I . . . forget . . . things . . . like . . . that . . . when . . . Sami . . . isn't . . . around . . . to . . . remind . . . me.
Cop: You're unarmed and you aren't suspected of a violent crime or prone to them, so I'd better shoot at you.
(observing the long-standing Brady tradition of hiding in the bushes) Maybe the cop will fall down if I dump snow on him.
Cop: Oh my, about five flakes of snow have just fallen on me, knocking me down. So I'll fire my gun wildly into the darkness of a heavily used public park.
Eric: Hey, Officer, I just saw someone run in that direction.
Cop: Thanks. I wonder who would dump the snow on me. Certainly not someone who conveniently arrives on the scene two minutes later, who happens to be the twin brother of the fugitive who the man I'm shooting at is helping and who I really should recognize if not from the trial than from the fact that half of his family is on the Salem Police Force.
Austin: He . . . almost . . . shot . . . me.
(with pride) He gets more observant every day.
Austin: What . . . do . . . you . . . know?
Eric: We have to bring down the Moroni family, who run THE SALEM MOB!

MEANWHILE, Carrie is in her office.
Carrie: Maybe I should call Dad about seeing Austin. All I did was promise him I would. Or I could go to L.A. There's nothing keeping me here. It's not like I have a job or anything.

MEANWHILE, Mike is elsewhere in the hospital.
Mike: Ali, we have no relationship.
Ali: Only because you don't love me or like me or need me or want anything to do with me and tell me so every day. Other than that, we have a relationship.

MEANWHILE, Roman and Kate are sniping.
Roman: I just damn don't understand damn Austin's damn behavior.
Kate: I would think you'd be used to not understanding things by now.
Roman: Why don't damn Eric and damn Billie let the damn cops handle this whole damn thing?
Kate: They really should. They aren't fit to do police work; they can actually track down criminals and get them to say incriminating things.
Roman: Hell, I'm going after damn Sami right damn now.
Kate: But Roman, it's dark out. And fugitives never come out at night, and it's not like electricity has been invented or anything.

MEANWHILE, Billie is still seducing Roberto.
Roberto: I am saspicious. You'har an amader nigh streeper asking ques-tions about drags.
Billie: Hey! I just heard a gunshot and Roberto just collapsed with a hole through his body, but I don't know what's wrong.
Roberto: Mus efer'wan whi m'hi accent be sha at?
Eric: Billie, are you okay? Hey, he's still alive!
Billie: You can tell the difference between alive and dead? Not only are you too qualified to be a Salem cop, you're too qualified to be a Salem doctor.

End of Show
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