Wednesay, January 13, 1999

Here is Wednesday's Synopsis, a day late because of AOL and the weather.

Bo, Hope and Shawn-Douglas are having a reunion.
Hope: Weren't you scared, Shawn-D?
Shawn-D: No, I just thought about what Dad would do. Then I was smart enough to do something else.
Bo: Now that Shawn-D is back, we should all go somewhere where we'll be safe for a few months.
Shawn-D: Yeah, it's not like I'm a school-age kid or anything.

MEANWHILE, Stefano is still planning various dastardly deeds.
Stefano: So Vivian's illness could still be fatal?
Rolf: I've been saying that for months.
Stefano: Well, say it again, just in case the viewers missed it the last hundred times.
Rolf: Vivian's illness could still be fatal.
Stefano: And again.
Rolf: Vivian's illness could still be fatal.
Stefano: And again.
Rolf: Vivian's illness could still be fatal.
Stefano: And again.
Rolf: Vivian's illness could still be fatal.
Stefano: But what about her art collection? That was one of the reasons I married her.
Rolf: Actually, it was the only reason.

MEANWHILE, most of Salem is still at Sami's pre-imprisonment party.
Sami: I'd like to say a few words. First, I'd like to apologize again to Mom and John for all the trouble I put them through. I had no right to act out just because Mom cheated on Dad with John and asked me to lie about it. I know that Mom and John love me very much, which is why they aren't here on my last night of freedom. I owe Carrie and Austin an apology as well.
Austin: Uhhh . . . . what . . . uhh . . . for?
Sami: Well, for lying to you and manipulating you for years.
Austin: I . . . uhh . . . have . . . uhh . . . no . . . uhh . . . recollection . . . uhh . . . of . . . uhh . . . . that.
Sami: And I'm very lucky to have Dad, who divorced me along with my mother and ignored me for years.
Roman: Mumble mumble duck mumble.
(aside) I still don't see how Sami can host a party on her last night of freedom. She should sit at home alone and worry.
Sami: And Will, I know I'm not the best Mommy in the world. But I AM the best Mommy on this show, so count your blessings. I mean, how often do we hear from Philip?
(aside) Hello? Who's calling me here?
Lucas: Hello Nicole.
Nicole: Apparently, I don't know your voice even though I talk to you every day.
Lucas: Well, I like my women dumb. No wonder things didn't work out with Sami and me.
Nicole: But why are you calling?
Lucas: I saw you with Eric and was bored to tears.
Nicole: We have that effect on a lot of people.
Roman: Lucas! Kate! Just go away.
Kate: You didn't hear what we were saying. If you had, you would be able to prove that we killed Franco. But of course, it's perfectly safe to discuss framing someone a few feet from her entire family.
Austin: Mom, if anything is ever proven, you'll lose BOTH your sons.
Kate: But not Philip.
Austin: I forgot him.
Kate: Easy mistake.

End of Show
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