Tuesay, January 12, 1999

The jury is deciding Sami's future.
Juror: First, one juror voted not guilty. Than he changed his mind but so did another juror. This is getting crazy.
Nancy: Actually, it's getting really close to the plot of
Twelve Angry Men.

MEANWHILE, Rolf and Stefano are working on their plans for Hope.
Rolf: Stevano, we have to get Hope to the clock tower before lightening strikes.
Stefano: No, that's Back to The Future. We have to get the satellite to line up with the chip in her brain.
Rolf: That's right. No wonder you're in charge.

MEANWHILE, it is nearly time for Greta's surgery.
Carrie: Mike, I know you're about to go into surgery, but that can be put off while we have a little love chat, right?
Mike: You're such a selfless person, Carrie.
Austin: Uh Craig uh have uh you uh heard uh from uh Nancy?
Craig: Yes, the jurors call their spouses with updates on the deliberation every five minutes.

MEANWHILE, Greta herself has John by her side.
Marlena: John, since we think Sami will be getting the chair tomorrow, I thought I'd spend her last night with her.
John: Doc, you've really already done enough for her. She's only your daughter.
Marlena: I don't see how you can be so dedicated to Greta, whom you barely know.
John: Yeah, I barely know her, so she hasn't been able to spend her entire adult life lashing out at me.
Marlena: That's what I love about you. You can always find another person that you think might be your child.

MEANWHILE, Sami is headed for her "last night of freedom" party.
Shawn: Sami, your grandmother won't be at the party tonight because she has to be at the church. Churches never let women who may be seeing a family member for the last time out of a commitment.
Sami: That's okay. I'm so sorry about all the pain I've caused you.
Shawn: We feel the same unconditional love for you that you feel for your son. Well, Carrie doesn't, and John doesn't, and your grandmother isn't here so we can't ask her, and your Mom isn't around much either, but, where was I going with this again?
(they arrive)
Maggie: Mickey did his best to save Sami.
All: No wonder we're throwing her a goodbye party.
Kate: Just remember, Lucas and I do not know anything about this.
Roman: C'mon, Kate, this is me you're talking to.
Kate: Oh, I forgot. Should I use smaller words?
Roman: Tell the truth.
Kate: If you threaten me again, I'll throw you off the police force.
Roman: I'm on the police force?
Sami: Dad, come on. I won't let them ruin my evening. That's why I'm talking to them.
Marlena: Carrie, what's wrong?
Carrie: My problems are nothing compared to Sami's.
Marlena: I'm not talking about your problems. I was wondering what possessed you to do that to your hair.
Carrie: Austin wanted Will to have a dog, so he tried to make me look like a poodle.

End of Show
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