Monday, January 4, 1999

Austin is having a worrisome New Year's Eve.
Sami: I don't wanna cause problems for you and Carrie, Austin. Well, maybe I will just this once.
Austin: You . . . aren't . . . the . . . first . . . to . . . say . . .something . . . is . . . going . . . on . . . between . . . Carrie . . . and .. . Mike.
Sami: Actually I am, because putting them together was originally a scheme of Lucas's and mine.
Austin: So . . . is . . . Carrie . . . in . . . love . . . with . . . Mike?
Sami: I'm so glad you asked me. I'm just the right person to ask, since my sister and I are so close.
(Not getting a real answer, Austin goes home to Carrie and plans a rooftop dance.)
Carrie: I can't believe you did this. Just because you've done it dozens of times before, and almost every New Year's, doesn't mean I expected it this time.
Austin: I . . . love . . . you.
(Unfortunately, as it is the middle of winter and the Midwestern United States, where Salem is located, is under a pile of snow and Carrie is wearing a sleeveless dress, she freezes to death.)

MEANWHILE, Carrie's little half-brother also has plans for a romantic evening.
Nicole: What have you done?
Eric: I had your favorite restaurant deliver, since all restaurants are open and don't need orders far ahead of time on New Year's Eve, and I also bought you a new dress from a store that was open on New Year's Eve. And I keep a tux in every house on Salem, just in case.
Nicole: I don't deserve all this.
Eric: True, but I'm too dumb to realize that.
Nicole: That's why I love you. I can't stand a man with a brain.

MEANWHILE, Eric, Carrie, and Sami's father is busy as well, setting up a reenactment of Franco's murder.
Roman: Well, now, Lucas, does dis look familiar? Whatsa matter, a big ole cat got your tongue? Now, Franco was just about dere, is dat right? What da hell! Say something! Ya must be guilty.
Lucas: Actually, I was just wondering if you'd been taking speech lessons from Wayne and Earl?
(he leaves)
Billie: Roman!
Roman: Are ya here to say I broke my promise to stay outta your house?
Billie: Nope, I'm here to say happy new year and leave lots of champagne around for Lucas to get into.

MEANWHILE, at the hospital:
Nancy: Mike went into Carrie's office.
Craig: That's very interesting.
Nancy: Actually, it isn't. Let's see what's up with John and Doc.
Marlena: John, do we really get to go back to New Orleans where we were both imprisoned and tortured?!
John: That's a fact, Doc. And by the way, I want to marry you as soon as you can plan the perfect wedding.
Marlena: That shouldn't be too hard. I have a whole rack of wedding dresses in my closet already.

MEANWHILE, Bo and Hope are not having a happy new year.
Lily: Stefano would never hurt a child, except for all those times he tried to take Marlena and Roman and John's children.
Hope: Still, I have to come up with the ransom money somehow, and it's not as if I know dozens of millionaires, including one in this room.
Bo: But how could Stefano take a son from his family.
Hope: Well, technically, he didn't. How much time did Shawn-D spend with his family anyway?
Bo: Well, here is some coffee.
Lily: He must really be distraught if he's making coffee instead of tea . . .

End of Show
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