December 31, 1998

Kate, Lucas, and the still-invisible Philip have gone to visit Victor.
Victor: Stay.
Lucas: Sorry, I have to go off and spend your money and abuse your power.
Kate: So you won't turn us in for framing Sami?
Victor: Hey, the family that slays together stays together.
Lucas: I need to find a woman who will be a good mother to Will and focus on caring for me.
Kate: So why are you chasing Nicole?
Lucas: Just to rescue her from Eric. The guy's a bore.
Victor: That makes him different from the rest of Salem how?
Kate: I dream of the day you'll come back to me, Victor.
Victor: But then you wouldn't be able to play with my money and my mansion and my company.
Kate: Oh yeah.
(she shoves a pillow in his mouth)

MEANWHILE, Eric and Nicole are busy boring me to death.
Nicole: I won't give the diamond bracelet back to Lucas. It's a perfectly reasonable present for a man to give a woman he barely knows.
Eric: Don't you see? He's trying to buy his way into your heart. He's tempting you with offers of fame and fortune.
Nicole: And you got to know me by-
Eric: Offering to make you into a rich model. There's no comparison.

MEANWHILE, Roman is begging Abe to reopen the Franco murder case.
Roman: Abe, if you won't help me, I'll prove it myself. I'll get Bo to help me.
Abe: How would Bo know anything about police work?
Roman: He's a cop. He works for you.
Abe: I never would have guessed.
Roman: It's not fair that everyone thinks Sami's a killer.
Abe: It really isn't. Lots of people with histories of lying, raping, and violence are found with their dead fiancés and guns in their hands and aren't accused of anything.

MEANWHILE, Roman's nephew Shawn-Douglas is also having a bad day.
Shawn-Douglas: Hooray! I've finally been kidnapped. It was starting to get embarrassing at family reunions when Sami and Eric and Carrie and Belle and even Will could swap kidnapping stories and I couldn't.
Thug: We don't want you to know who we are.
Shawn-Douglas: So that's why you're wearing masks?
Thug: No, that's because the hair and makeup departments on this show leave a lot to be desired.
Shawn-Douglas: Don't worry, I won't try to get away; I know that you wouldn't give me a real opportunity.
Thug: You're a smart kid.
Thug2: He's a smart kid- oh no! We were supposed to kidnap a BRADY, remember?
Thug: No, look at the way he's chained to that bed. He looks just like his mother Hope does every time she gets kidnapped.

JUST THEN, Hope gets an upsetting phone call.
Bo: Fancy Face? What's wrong?
Hope: On the phone- someone said-
Bo: What?
Hope: We have a kid.
Bo: I had no idea.

End of Show
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