December 28, 1998

Christmas in Salem!!

Kate, Lucas, and an invisible Phillip are visiting Victor.
Kate: I've missed you so much. That's why I never mention you. Anyway, I knew you'd understand why I had to frame Sami. We need to unite as a family.
Lucas: Yeah. I wanna be a family again.
Victor: Did you trade lines with Shawn-Douglas?
Kate: You can speak!
Victor: Of course I can. I never lost the ability to speak, but since there was nothing new happening that I could comment on, I just didn't say anything. Now, is there anyone else around that we can torment?

MEANWHILE, Stefano and Vivian are gaving Christmas.
Stefano: Come in Celeste, if you can get your hat through the door.
Ivan: What have you done to Madame?
Stefano: Nothing. Have some eggnog.
Celeste: In case we haven't learned by now not to drink anything you give us.

MEANWHILE, Billie, Austin and Carrie are celebrating Christmas morning as well.
Carrie: These are heavy packages, Billie.
Billie: They're full of coal.
Austin: I'm . . . glad . . . Sami . . . got . . . her . . . memory . . . back. Can . . . you . . . imagine . . . a . . . better . . . present?
Carrie: Yes, but I said I'd try not to talk about Mike.
Austin: Billie . . . come . . . to . . . the . . . pub . . . with . . . us. You'll . . . feel . . . better . . . there.
Billie: Yes, I'm sure I'll feel better when I'm surrounded by the family of the man who just divorced me.
(she runs into Bo and Hope) Merry Christmas.
Bo/Hope: To show our gratitude for your not making a fuss about the divorce, we'll make out in front of you.
Billie: Thank you.
Bo: Merry Christmas, Fancy Face. It's a new boat! This is what we were doing all those days when we took off. We worried you'd catch on, but luckily you're a little slow.

MEANWHILE, at the Brady Pub.
Sami: You'll help me prove my innocence, Daddy . . . won't you?
Roman: Actually, no, I thought I'd let you die so I could get back to running around with Billie.
Marlena: These brutal, bloody murders are so frightening. I'm glad you won't have those nightmares anymore.
Brady: Should they be discussing this in front of us?
Belle: I don't know. I think they want us to be prepared when we start acting out because we have no parents 360 days a year. And if we do have parents, they turn out not to be our parents.
Will: Tell me about it.
Brady: Which of us will turn crazy first?
Will: You are the oldest. Maybe you should go for it.
Carrie: I'm going to the hospital Christmas party now.
Brady: Can we come?
Marlena: Who are you again?
Brady: Your kid.
Carrie: Never mind. I don't need a chaperone.
Marlena: I know you don't think you do, but I will always be here for you, unless of course you end up on trial. Then maybe I'll come once every two weeks. (they leave)
Sami: Austin, where did Carrie go?
Austin: How . . . would . . . I . . . know?
Sami: She's your wife.
(hugging her) You're . . . my . . . wife.
Sami: Actually not. But that's an easy mistake to make.

MEANWHILE, the other Hortons are celebrating with Alice.
Mike: I can't stay for dinner. I have to get to the hospital for the children's party.
Alice: And as none of us have ever worked at the hospital, none of us knew about this?
(they all go)
Alice: John, why don't you lead the singing?

All: Silent Night, holy night.
Salemites aren't too bright.
No one knows
why Viv's not right.
Viv herself thinks Stefano's kind,
although he wiped out her nephew John's mind.
Please, just look at your teeth.
Please, just look at your teeth.

Alice: Tom, it's all turning out just as you said it would. Although I'm not sure why you said that Hope's brain would align with a satellite and become another person, or that Mike would chase a married woman half his age . . .

End of Show

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