December 28, 1998

Vivian is "dying" in her bed.
Vivian: Celeste, don't reveal anything I say to Stefano.
Celeste: Well, I had been planning to tell Stefano everything. That's why Ivan and I have been begging you to get away from him for months.
Vivian: I should leave you something in my will. Tell me, Celeste, what do you want?
Celeste: Oh, a plot line, a love interest, something like that.
Vivian: How about a painting?
Celeste: All right. Now you rest.
Vivian: All right. Oh no!!!
Celeste: What? Did you just hear the weather report on your tooth?
Vivian: Yes. And I just realized that there is no snow anywhere, in fact there are flowers blooming outside some houses, but everyone is wearing furry winter coats.
(and downstairs)
Rolf: Are you zurprized by zuh willingness of Billie to give up Bo?
Stefano: Nothing surprises me, Rolf. Largely because I'm behind everything that happens in this town.
Rolf: Well, love is ztrange- you do love Vivian- zat must be why you're killing her.
Stefano: I don't want to hurt Vivian anymore. I need Gina, there's no one like her. How common is a manipulative, devious, beautiful woman in Salem?
Rolf: Oh, I have a surprise for you. With this machine, you can see your paintings as if they were here.
Stefano: Or I could just get a print from a museum somewhere.

MEANWHILE, Mike is still trying to get rid of Ali.
Ali: I hope I haven't made you think-
Mike: You didn't make me think anything. No one ever has. That's probably why I have such a hard time figuring out if my patients are alive or dead.
Ali: Craig said that you didn't want me because you love Carrie.
Mike: I'm going to find Craig and make him mind his own damn business.
(runs to Salem Place, where he finds Craig) MIND YOUR OWN DAMN BUSINESS!
Craig: I don't have any.
Mike: Oh.
Craig: Nancy, we're in trouble. Whenever Austin and Carrie spend time together, she defies him. Doesn't she know that she's his little woman and she should cow to his every desire?
Nancy: And he'll only put up with that for so long.
Craig: So, so, SO long. About five years.
(they continue to watch the nearby Carrie and Austin)
Austin: This . . . is . . . about . . . Sami?
Carrie: Isn't everything about Sami?
Austin: Some . . . things . . . are . . . about . . . Stefano.
Carrie: It's just that our lives are complicated. We have to decide who we're in love with , and, um, other stuff, maybe.
Austin: But . . . stop . . . blaming . . . Sami. All . . . she . . . did . . . was . . . kidnap . . . her . . . sister . . . rape . . . me . . . lie . . . about . . . our . . . feelings . . . for . . . each . . . other . . . lie . . . about . . . Will's . . . parentage . . . blackmail . . . my . . . mother . . .

MEANWHILE, Sami herself is visiting Kate.
Sami: I need to get my memory back. So you pretend to be Franco.
Kate: Samanda, I luff hue an honly hue. Buh I mus chee on hue wi' a streeper because I luff hue so much.
Sami: That doesn't make any sense.
Kate: Neider das tha fact that h'your ma-ther has hypnotised efery amnesiac in town except her own daughter and tha fact that h'your fa-ther is a cop buht he didin think of testing to see hif hue has fi-red a gun.

MEANWHILE, Bo and Hope are celebrating Billie's divorce papers.
Hope: I'm about to drag you into a crowd of royalty that you dislike and don't fit into. I haven't seen my son in months. I never talk to or about my extended family.
Bo: That's what I like about you. You're kind and geberous.
Hope: And we're finally free to be together.
Bo: Unlike all those years when I was pining after Billie or you were running around the world modeling or searching for your past.

End of Show
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