December 21, 1998

Ali arrives at Mike's house.
Ali: Laura! I see you're still in Salem.
Laura: Apparently. Hey, I'm sorry that you were passed over for the head nurse position- I know Mike had a rough time deciding, although I'm not sure how I would know that since I haven't been seen in months.
Ali: Well, I know Carrie helped Mike with his decision.
Laura: Of course she did. They grew up together.
Ali: But I thought he was old enough to be her father when she was a little girl?
Laura: Well, he was a slow learner- they still grew up together.
Ali: But they are only friends?
Laura: Yes. I was hoping they would marry, though. Mike deserves a woman like Carrie instead of the trash he's been dating lately- oh, did I insult you?

MEANWHILE, Marlena has different feelings about Mike and Carrie.
Marlena: I just saw you with Mike.
Carrie: We were discussing hospital business. Is it better if the chief of staff just hugs the public relations person and looks at her lustfully or if he actually kisses her?
Marlena: Carrie, I think you will have to choose between your job and your marriage to Austin.
Carrie: I can't do that, Marlena.
Marlena: Why?
Carrie: Where would this plot go?

MEANWHILE, Bo and Shawn-Douglas are nearby.
Shawn-D: I wanna be a family again. Do you think you and Mom will marry by New Year's?
Bo: Yes.
Shawn-D: Hooray!
(snickering) I didn't tell him WHICH New Year's.

MEANWHILE, Eric is trying to get Candy to Sami's trial.
Candy: So, Eric, do you have a girlfriend?
Eric: Yeah, but I actually have less chemistry with her than I do with you.
Candy: Well, Eric, you have to make a move- preferably back to Colorado until someone finds a decent love interest for you.
(they arrive at the trial)
Candy: It's okay for me to come in while Kate and Lucas are on the stand, right? That way, we can coordinate our stories.
Mickey: Kate, did Sami ever suspect Franco of cheating?
Kate: Yes, and she even physically attacked him because of it.
Mickey: You see? Samantha Brady has a history of violent behavior and needs to be punished.
Sami: MICKEY! You're supposed to be MY lawyer.
Mickey: Oh yeah.
DA: We have a surprise witness.
judge: Sure, we'll allow you to have a witness without telling the defense. That's in the rules, right?
nun: I raised Franco since he was a child in my charity?
DA: And what does your charity do?
nun: We raise murderers and blackmailers and thieves, I thought I just told you.

MEANWHILE, Lucas has left the courtroom to go home.
Lucas: Maggie, I don't appreciate the way your husband twisted everything I said when I was on the stand.
Maggie: It was terrible. It's not like he's Sami's lawyer or something- wait, he is.
Lucas: Oh. Poor Sami.
(arriving) Hi, Lucas, Maggie, I hope I'm not interrupting.
Lucas: No, Maggie was just leaving.
(shoves her out the door- she falls down the icy steps and breaks several bones)
Nicole: You're a great guy, Lucas. And I can't get over your house.
Lucas: It isn't mine. It's Victor Kiriakis's.
Nicole: Then I should be chasing him instead of you. So long.

End of Show
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