November 30, 1998

Roman and Kate are talking at Titan.
Roman: Kate, your sadness and concern for Vivian seem genuine.
Kate: No one knows what I seem like when I'm being genuine.
Roman: Well, I'd like to find out, so we should get together after I pick up the jacket I got for Will's birthday, although his party was over hours ago and he should be in bed by now, not to be seen again until long after he's outgrown any jacket I could buy him.
Kate: I'll be right over there.
(leaves, and Roman practices his spy skills on Eric and Nicole)
Nicole: I only lied because I-I was a-ashamed. I was so ashamed that I can't act well enough for us to have a storyline other than what-happened-in-her-past.
Eric: Well, you shouldn't have come up with such a stupid lie! You could have at least used a smart lie that doesn't insult my intellegence.
(angry) Eric, no man in this family had EVER had any intellegence, and I don't want you getting any!
Eric: Sorry. I won't. But why are you getting so close to Kate?
Roman: So I'll be there when she slips up.
(returning) Oh, I feel SO guilty that I put the weapon Lucas used to shoot Franco in Sami's hand!
Roman/Eric: Huh? Did you hear anything?

MEANWHILE, Lucas and Taylor are at the hospital.
Lucas: Yeah, Sami and I used to be best friends. But then the writers realized that we had chemistry and were interesting, so they drove a wedge between us and now we don't even have scenes together anymore.
(yelling, looking off camera) Maybe you can be friends again.
Lucas: But not until we've been recast by models who read their lines off of cue cards.
(yelling, looking off camera) Think about what this animosity is doing to Will.
Lucas: That's the point. If Will has a rough family life, he might grow up to be a troublemaker just like his mother- we have to think of future plotlines, you know.

MEANWHILE, in another part of the hospital.
Marlena: Just because Jonesy had an extensive art collection that's exactly Stefano's taste and Jonesy had money that came from a secret source and Stefano only became interested in Vivian after she met and married Jonesy and Stefano is always behind everything in Salem, you think Jonesy and Stefano are connected?
John: That's a fact.
Marlena: Well, I'll pull some strings to get Vivian into the hospital. It's very full, since so many people like Father Francis go into comas and never come out but never die.
John: That's a fact.

MEANWHILE, Stefano has his own plans for Vivian.
Stefano: Vivian, every day we aren't married seems like an eternity.
Vivian: That's the writing. But I will marry you tomorrow.
(Stefano goes to the hidden Rolf.)
Rolf: B'where is Vivian now? You lefht her alone with Ivan and Celeste? Zat is dangerous, Stevano.
(on screen) Stefano wouldn't harm me. He's a good man, except he's brainwashed or kidnapped or killed most of Salem.
(on screen) Vivian, just let the doctors determine your state of health.
(on screen) You mean, the doctors who couldn't tell that Peter
wasn't dead and Kristen wasn't pregnant and Kristen's body wasn't hers and Billie miscarried in the Bayou? Those doctors?
(arriving on screen) That's a fact!
(Cops attempt to pull Vivian out the door, but Vivian punches them all out. Stefano comes running in, and Vivian punches him, too, and he dies, and everyone stops worrying about the missing memories and trick dentistry.)

End of Show
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