November 17, 1998

Kate and Billie are having a heart-to-heart.
Kate: Everyone saw my affair as hurtful. As if sleeping with a married man who has a young daughter who'll grow up without a mother if her mother goes insane after learning her husband is cheating on her is a bad thing.
Billie: You had a young daughter, too, but you thought I was dead.
Kate: I was so devastated that I didn't even check to see if there was any actual evidence that you were dead.
Billie: But you did become a success.
Kate: Yes, for you and Austin and Lucas. Not Phillip, though, since I've forgotten that he exists. And I will hold on to Titan, because it is YOUR legacy, and I want to see it go to my grandchildren, instead of, say, Victor's grandchildren, Brady and Shawn-Douglas, because all Victor did was found the company.
(to phone, which just rang) Roman! You sound troubled; why? Just because your daughter is on trial for murder?

MEANWHILE, Vivian and Stefano are also concerned with the future of Titan.
Vivian: I can't go out. I can't think straight.
(as her hallucinations) Join the club.
Vivian: Well, maybe I will go out, but I have to have my hair done.
Stefano: She must really be mentally unstable if she wants to let this show's hairdressers anywhere near her.

MEANWHILE, Sami is not helping her case.
Roman: Sami, do you know why Kate hates you?
Sami: I told you everything I remember. Of course, I am prone to terrible bouts of amnesia. All I remember is giving birth to Will and marrying Austin . . . no, that was last year.
Austin: At least Mickey will do all he can for you.
Roman: That's what I'm afraid of.

MEANWHILE, the hospital workers have no work to do.
Nancy: Oh, no! I have jury duty. I'm sure there's no reason I can't serve on the jury when my husband and I work with the mother and the half-sister of the woman on trial.
(sees Carrie) Carrie, I think Mike wants to make Ali head nurse.
Carrie: He won't if I have anything to say about it, and the PR person always gets to decide who is appointed to new positions.
Austin: Carrie, hi. I still can't believe you let Lucas see Will.
Carrie: Will should be with his father. I mean, John raised me and he was my- well, Mickey raised Mike, and he was- I mean, Lexie was raised by her-well, your father raised you!
Austin: He beat me and raped my sister.
Carrie: Oh yeah.
Austin: I do think Will should go home now and spend Sami's last days of freedom with her.
Carrie: Yes, Sami sin't allowed to spend time with Will at the hospital. That's why she's always in his room.

End of Show
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