November 12, 1998

At the hospital.
Kate: Sami, you have schemed against Lucas ever since Will was born.
Sami: Yes, when Will was born I schemed against Lucas for the next two years by pretending like I told him everything and that we were both scheming against Austin and Carrie and doing everything he asked me to until one day I looked at Will's medical records and suddenly didn't let Lucas near us.
Kate: Well, Lucas will have Will soon. You have a better chance of being struck by lightening than getting aquitted. And how often do people get struck by lightening in Salem? Only every few months or so.
Austin: But why doesn't Carrie feel any sympathy for her little sister? All Sami ever did to Carrie was lie to her every day for over five years and interrupt her wedding more than once.
Sami: Oh, Austin, I hope I didn't cause problems for you and Carrie. Of course, I said that every day the entire time I was pregnant with Will . .
. .
Austin: I have to go to the gym.
Carrie: Do you have a minute?
Austin: For you, no. You're only my wife.
(Austin does go to the gym.)
Darryl: Austin, you're having trouble concentrating. Just imagine yourself punching Mike Horton.
Austin: Wow, it's like he's actually right there. (slugs his hallucination of Mike)
Mike: Ow.
Darryl: Oh, I guess that was the real Mike and not an imagined one. But why would Mike follow you to the gym? To give marriage advice to the man whose wife he's in love with?

MEANWHILE, Roman is at the Kiriakisless Mansion.
Roman: There must be some way to prove that Sami didn't kill Franco. Let's see, her father the cop could have checked to see if she'd fired a gun the night Franco died, or her mother the psychiatrist could hypnotize her to get rid of the amnesia, or, here's an even better idea, I could re-enact the shooting!
Kate: (arriving with Lucas) Oh, Roman, I didn't know it was you re-enacting the shooting. After all, you're a police officer and Sami's father and the only person in the world who beleive's she's innocent.
Roman: Lucas, are you sure things happened the way you said?
Lucas: (looks at Kate, who mouths "yes") Yes.
Roman: Lucas, did Sami threaten you with that gun?
Lucas: (looks at Kate, who mouths "yes") Yes.
Roman: I wonder if I should question Lucas without Kate in the room. Nope, wouldn't make any difference.
Kate: How did you get in here, anyway?
Roman: Billie let me make a phone call.
Kate: Why would anyone need to be in a house to make a phone call? Cell phones are portable and can be used anywhere, even halfwy across the world.

MEANWHILE, Greta is in trouble.
Greta: How did you know what happened underneath Maison Blanche?
Stefano: Hidden cameras. Duh.
Greta: Well, I won't get close to you again, and that's that!
Stefano: Oh, I'm scared. It's not as if I can brainwash anyone any old time I want to.
Greta: Yes, I know you brainwashed Father John.
Stefano: I had to do it to save innocent lives.
Greta: Why did you save those people?
Stefano: So I could brainwash and torture them later.
Greta: Just for that, I'm jumping off this cliff.
Stefano: No, Greta, I do not want you to die-

MEANWHILE, at the Horton Center:
Bo: Billie, why did you become so deceitful?
Billie: Mainly because Kristen left the show.
John: That's a fact.
Billie: I'll call Wayne and Earl and find out where Greta is. (she does)
Bo/Hope/John/Marlena: We can get there instantly, even though it's not even in Salem, so Greta will still be hanging off the cliff when we arrive.
John: And that's a fact.
(they arrive)
Stefano: Greta, if you fall, you will die!
Greta: Jack fell down the Grand Canyon last Christmas and he didn't die.
(Stefano attempts to pull Greta up, but instead falls down himself.)
(A week later.)
Bo: It's strange that we never found the body.
John: Also strange that those fifteen murders happened in one week, and that's a fact.
Bo: But it can't be Stefano. He's dead.

End of Show
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