November 10, 1998

Bo and Hope are having breakfast.
Shawn-Douglas: Good morning! Can we be a family again?
Hope: Who are you?
Shawn-Douglas: Your kid. Can we be a family again?
Bo: When did your voice change?
Shawn-Douglas: Sometime during the last twelve or fourteen years when you were off saving the world. Can we be a family again?
Bo: I want Greta to stay in Salem. It's a good place for someone to get over their fears- a nice, small midwestern town where every other person is a liar and a blackmailer and serial killers pop up with alarming frequency.
Hope: Shawn-D, you're going to be late for school.
Shawn-Douglas: You never enrolled me, and can we be a family again? (upstairs)
Greta: (on phone) Father John, I had to call and see if you were all right.
John: (on phone) Greta, I'm fine except I don't remember who I am and an insane man is always trying to kill me, kidnap my wife that I haven't managed to marry, and otherwise harm my kids and my extended family, and that's a fact.

MEANWHILE, Sami is at the hospital.
Sami: Maybe I won't be convicted if I dress in overalls and pigtails. They'll think I'm just a little girl.
Kate: You're a bad little girl, though. And remember that Austin is still my son.
Sami: Are you sure? It's a good idea to do a DNA test every few years. (to Will) I'll never watch as you get locked in the attic of the Brady Pub, never to come out except sometimes at Christmas, and always with a different face . . .
Austin: (arriving) Stop thinking about this. Let's go outside and look at the leaves. They're so PLASTIC!
Sami: I may never see such beautiful plastic leaves again.

MEANWHILE, Lucas is elsewhere in the hospital.
Lucas: It was nice being waited on hand and foot at the hospital. At home, I'll have to be self-sufficient except for the butler and the cook and the maids and the secretaries and the nanny.
Mike: Try to keep calm while Sami poisons Austin's mind against you; after all, he didn't have that great an opinion of you to begin with, especially since you tried to steal his wife, something I would never do of course.
Lucas: Austin must be driving Carrie crazy.
Mike: I wouldn't know! Really! Really! What are you insinuating?!

MEANWHILE, Marlena and her good pal Stefano are talking in Salem Place.
Stefano: Be careful, Marlena, danger could be lurking around the corner.
Marlena: Actually, you're right in front of me.
Stefano: What is this, if something goes wrong, Stefano DiMera must be behind it?
Marlena: Well, we used to think Ernesto was behind some things, but apparently not.
Stefano: Well, I do not see all. Just what happens in those places where I happen to have hidden cameras, which is pretty much everywhere. Come to think of it, I do see all. But why don't you and John concentrate on your young children, since the older ones are obviously a lost cause.

End of Show
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