November 9, 1998

Lucas is getting ready to leave the hospital.
Lucas: My recovery has gone so slow even with therapists. What happens when
I go home and there's no one to help me? It's not like my family is rolling in money and could hire me a personal therapist.
Kate: You've come too far to stop now. You'll get better for Will.
Lucas: And Nicole. I almost have her. I'm glad she and Eric have almost broken up. This could be fun, like all the times Carrie and Austin almost broke up and I almost had Carrie.
Kate: Remember, we've come too far, and we might have to testify at the trial.
Lucas: Testify? Just because we were there?
Kate: Yes, and that will help you get custody of Will, since you've come too far to stop now.

MEANWHILE, Nicole is not as unattached as Lucas would like.
Eric: If Jay comes back, I'll beat him up.
Nicole: We're back together?
Eric: I don't know if we're together. I often offer to beat up men for random women. But I have missed you and all the things we did together, like go to work, and talk about whether or not you were hiding something from me, and go to work.

MEANWHILE, Bo and Hope have learned all about Georgia's death.
Bo: Billie's tears at the farmhouse were just a show. She wasn't really upset about losing her baby, since she lost it that morning and not that evening.
Hope: She thought that lying would bring you two together, and just because Kristen stayed with John for years by lying and Sami stayed with Austin for years by lying and Vivian stayed with Victor for years by lying and Nicole is staying with Eric by lying.
Bo: I told her over and over again that I loved you and only you. I specifically said "Billie, I love you and only you . . ." oh, there's the problem.
Hope: I just can't think.
Bo: That's why I love you. I don't think, either.

MEANWHILE, Stefano is again enjoying the monitors he has set up.
John: (on screen) I'm always careful around DiMera, which is why I'm continually being kidnapped and brainwashed by him.
Stefano: (flashback) You will answer to me, John.
Rolf: (flashback) In all zuh yearz zince we brainwashed Zohn Black, I have
not learned to speak In-glish annie betture.But in zis flashback, I do have a cool wig. Perhaps I wuz friends with Celeste.
Rolf: (real time) Zuh proceder vwe did on 'Ope is much more sophisticated zen zuh one we did on Zohn Black.
Stefano: Then why is it only taking Hope four years to start figuring out what she did while it took John ten or so?
Rolf: All zer memorees are'on zeese compact discs.
Stefano: (to camera) And now, for only $19.95, you can be the proud owner of the John Black CD ROM game! Provides hours of enjoyment as you attempt to avoid being drowned by your older brother and guillotined by me!

End of Show
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