November 5, 1998

Mike and Carrie are kissing in the rain.
Mike: Let's see, all four of our hands show, so we can't be holding an umbrella, and yet we aren't getting wet. Neither one of us even has a hair out of place! It must be the power of love.
Carrie: What is wrong with me? Why would I want to kiss a handsome, rich, successful doctor who always listens to me and puts me ahead of himself and obviously loves me?
Mike: Carrie, don't say that.
Carrie: It's the truth.
Mike: The what?
Carrie: I just can't believe I did that.
Mike: Remember, Austin is a great guy. He's determined and considerate and caring-
Carrie: Towards my psychopathic sister.
Mike: This is nothing. You and Austin are just having a rough time.
Carrie: We've had rough times before.
Mike: Those were different because you were being kept apart. It's just harder to stay in love with Austin when you have to look at him every day.

MEANWHILE, at Stefano's mansion-
Stefano: John, you should thank me.
John: Why should I thank YOU?
Stefano: I've brainwashed you so many times that you can't pick up on the continuity errors that drive everyone else nuts.
John: Well, why do you want my aunt's power of attorney? Surely the fact that you love music and art and she's suddenly the owner of an art collection that you could have control of has nothing to do with it.
Stefano: No, it doesn't. I wouldn't hurt the woman I am crazy about. When you love someone, you don't lock them in a birdcage or a house in New Orleans or a secret room in your basement or sneak into the room where they're chained to a bed as the result of a possession.
Vivian: I just don't know what to think.
Stefano: I will think FOR you, Vivian. This is Salem, and we can't have a woman thinking for herself any longer.
John: Remember, Vivian, things were different between us in France when I let you rot in jail. After all, you had just hit Stefano over the head to save my life, so I was angry!
Stefano: But, Vivian, he also let you lose your money last year. And all you did was fail to tell him that the woman he loved was locked up in the basement and the woman he liked had hired another woman to pose as her and pretend her son was his.

MEANWHILE, Austin has rushed a child to the hospital.
Austin: How . . . could . . . someone . . . . just . . . run . . . over . . . someone . . . that . . . wasn't . . . Sami?
Nancy: Hey, I just started wondering where Carrie is?
Austin: I . . . hope . . . the . . . boy . . . is . . . okay.
Nancy: That reminds me, do you think Carrie is okay?
Austin: Are . . . those . . . the . . . parents?
Nancy: It's been a while since I asked. Have you seen Carrie?
Carrie: (arriving) Austin!
Austin: It's . . . been . . . a . . . long . . . day. It . . . would . . . have . . . been . . . several . . . weeks . . . anywhere . . . but . . . Salem.

MEANWHILE, at Georgia's grave.
Bo: Why would someone desecrate a grave?
Billie: It is Halloween.
Bo: Halloween was last Saturday. Besides, if it was Halloween, all the little kids in Salem would be trick-or-treating.
Billie: Don't you miss Georgia?
Bo: I would love to spend time with a child. It's too bad I don't have a son or daughter to spend time with.
Billie: What about Shawn-D?
Bo: Who?

MEANWHILE, at Alice's house, Alice hits Wayne or Earl over the head with a lamp but not much else happens.

End of Show
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