November 3, 1998

My first synopsis for my new page! Here goes:

Bo and Hope are talking...
Hope: I am to blame for the death of Billie's baby.
Bo: No, I am.
Hope: Me.
Bo: Me.
Hope: Me.
Bo: Me.
Hope: Well, at least we agree that it wasn't a tragedy that was no one's fault.
Bo: Yes. It's something we're going to have to live with for the rest of
our lives.
Hope: But we may not have a future together, and we'll have to live with
that for the rest of our lives.
Bo: We can't change the past, like we can't bring people back from the dead
or decide that people weren't dropped in vats of acid after all, and we'll
have to live with that for the rest of our lives.

MEANWHILE, at Titan...
Nicole: It is SUCH a chore to have to sign my name on these contracts that will pay me more money than I've ever dreamed of. I have to work SO hard.
(nearby) Taylor, you didn't tell me Nicole was your sister because you thought Nicole was brighter and prettier even though she obviously never bothered with college and you could obviously be a model as well?
Taylor: Well-
Nicole: Taylor, if you tell the truth you and Mom will be out on the street, although I never noticed you asking me for money before. Besides, if you don't lie I'll tell Eric you have a crush on him, and you know how mad people always get when they realize someone has a crush on them.
Taylor: All of a sudden, even though I've been telling Eric I have a different version of the truth, I'll tell him Nicole was right.
Eric: I see nothing unusual about that.

MEANWHILE, at the Cheatin' Heart, Carrie and Nancy are spying and Mike and Ali...
Nancy: Carrie, you will never approve of anyone Mike dates.
Carrie: Sure I will, as long as she's me.
Ali: Mike, didn't your mother ever tell you to let the lady win at pool?
(entering) Actually, I didn't because I was in an asylum during Mike's young-adulthood. But if you can't beat him, maybe Carrie can- Carrie, come over here!
Mike: Don't be silly. If Carrie was sitting across the room spying on me, I think I'd notice.
Ali: Laura, get out of here. I don't think you're even on the show anymore. At any rate, you're too old to influence a storyline.
Laura: Oh yeah.
(arriving) Hey, Mike, I saw the list of head nurse candidates, which is not at all confidential, and I think you should choose Ali.

MEANWHILE, Billie is at the Kiriakisless Mansion...
Kate: Billie, you will make yourself sick with this behavior.
Billie: Good! Then I'll fit right in in this house. Your framing Sami for Franco's murder isn't exactly sane.
Kate: You think I'd be that vindictive?
Billie: You did once try to steal my company and call me a hooker.
Kate: But that was before I knew you were my little hooker, Baby.
(arriving) What did you want, Billie?
Billie: Rebury my baby.
Wayne/Earl: Do WHAT? Who do we look like, Vivian and Ivan?

End of Show
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