October 12, 1998

Carrie and Mike are at the hospital.
Carrie: I'm young and just married and I have a lot of family and career responsibilities. I'm so evil for not wanting to have a child right this second.
Mike: Yes, you are. When two people have a shaky marriage, the best thing to
do is bring a baby into the picture. It makes the eventual divorce so much easier.
Carrie: We think exactly the same way.
Mike: That's because I love you.
Carrie: What?
Mike: Nothing.

MEANWHILE, Bo and Hope are talking.
Hope: Bo, you couldn't have controlled Sami. Even *Roman* couldn't control her, and we all know how brilliant he is.
Bo: I knew that bastard was bad news.
Hope: Yeah, but he is your brother.
Bo: And here's Greta! I'll leave you two alone even though Greta always seems to run away when she's left with anyone but me.
Hope: We have so much to talk about! But instead, let's just rehash the stuff we talked about last time.
Greta: Why does Billie blame you for the loss of her baby?
Hope: Well, one day we went shopping for baby clothes together because I
wanted to support her. She wanted a green outfit, but someone bought the last one. I chased the woman down the street, but I didn't catch her. I should have tried harder. Billie was so upset about not getting the right color that she miscarried, and it's all my fault.
Greta: I can't believe this. Billie lied. She really lost her baby in the Bayou.
Hope: What do you mean?
Greta: Just what I said.
Hope: You mean she lost two babies? Now I'm twice as guilty.

MEANWHILE, Billie herself is with Roman at the crime scene.
Roman: I was wondering where you were.
Billie: I was seeing if I could get the neckline on this dress any lower.
Roman: You did a good job. You're such a good person. Unlike Franco.
Billie: Yeah, where is he?
Roman: Dead. They think Sami did it. She even confessed- said he got what he
deserved. And everyone knows that "he deserved it" means the same as "I did it."
Billie: I am SO DISAPPOINTED that Bo is with Hope.
Roman: Being very observant, I can tell that you are disappointed Bo is with Hope.
Billie: No wonder you're such a great cop.

MEANWHILE, Lucas is at the hospital.
Taylor: Hi, I'm your physical therapist. I just started classes at Salem U this fall, but I'm already experienced enough to rehabilitate a patient without supervision.
Lucas: And you also work for a cleaning service? Two jobs? Who is your Mom?
Taylor: My Mom didn't get me these jobs.
Lucas: How else would you get them?
Taylor: (reading cue card) Let's start working.
Lucas: You're killing me!
Taylor: My acting isn't that bad.
Lucas: Why do I have to do walking exercises if all I have is broken ribs?
Taylor: Well, I've only been in school for six weeks. How should I know?
End of Show
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