October 9, 1998

Friday's Synopsis- a short one today

Stefano is having a nice visit with John and friends.
Stefano: John, why do you always think the worst of me?
John: Well, you did brainwash me, and that's a fact.
Stefano: Ivan, get me a lemonade.
Ivan: No.
Stefano: Why not?
Ivan: I've only been trained to serve tea. Besides, Madame has been acting
strange ever since she met you.
John: That's a fact. She's not normal like she was back when she was burying
people alive.

MEANWHILE, Sami is with Mickey.
Sami: Now what?
Mickey: Hopefully I can convince-
Sami: I've heard enough. I'm taking the other option.
Mickey: Well, I have to go to court.
Sami: You mean people outside your family hire you?
Mickey: We have to keep those jails full.
(Sami goes to see Will.)
Sami: I love you. I love you so much. (Will stares off camera.)
Lexie: Are you going to jail, then?
Sami: I have to pay for what I did.
Lexie: Oh, no wonder you're confused. Only people who haven't done anything
wrong can go to jail in Salem.
Sami: I get it now.

MEANWHILE, Kate and Lucas are nearby.
Kate: Remember, we have to take this secret to the grave.
Lucas: But we can tell after we come back from the dead?
Kate: I hadn't thought of that.
Lucas: I shot Franco, not Sami.
Kate: Too bad you didn't get them both.
Lucas: What if Sami gets life in prison?
Kate: Her case won't go to trial.
Lucas: How do you know?
Kate: Next week's script.

MEANWHILE, Carrie and Austin are at home.
Austin: I uh want uh us uh to uh raise uh Will.
Carrie: Will is Lucas's child.
Austin: Lucas uh gave uh up uh his uh right uh to uh Will uh when uh he uh kidnapped uh and uh almost uh killed uh him.
Carrie: But it was okay for Sami to try to abort him and to get him caught in a burning barn and leave him with a woman who tried to sell him?
Austin: Uh yeah.
Carrie: Raising Sami's child was not what I had in mind when I married you.
That's why we kept trying to get custody.
End of Show
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