September 25, 1998

In the Swamp, Bo is being beaten by Wayne and Earl.
Billie: Wow, Bo is getting knocked down again.
Greta: Yes, he's really bleeding now.
Billie: I wish we could do something.
Greta: Unfortunately, we're just women. All we can do is watch.
Billie: Yeah, it really is too bad we aren't men. Men could do something like throw a rock at Earl.
Greta: Oh, good idea. (throws a rock)
Earl: Ouch! These styrofoam rocks really hurt!
Wayne: You're in trouble, Bo.
Bo: Is it a crime to spend time with the woman I love?
Wayne: It depends. Which woman do you love again?
Bo: This could take a while.

MEANWHILE, Taylor is at Titan.
Jay: Hi, Taylor.
Taylor: Jay!
Jay: Tell me all about Nicole.
Taylor: Just because we're sisters who see each other daily, you think I know where she lives or who she's dating?
Jay: Help me, for old time's sake. Remember when I used to bring you cookies?
Taylor: Yes! My parents didn't have time for me, so I lived at my grandparents' restaurant, not being seen for months and surviving on cookies and sometimes tea.
Jay: Your childhood was very different from Eric's.
Taylor: Eric . . .
Jay: Oh, I see. Austin, I mean Eric, is new to town, and he falls for Carrie, I mean Nicole. Then he meets Sami, I mean you, and doesn't know you're the sister of the woman he's dating. He thinks you're a cute kid, but you want more. So you drug him when you're supposed to be helping him get back together with your sister-
Taylor: Stop giving away next month's plot!

MEANWHILE, at the hospital.
Kate: I can't believe I got a speeding ticket. These cops can't catch Stefano when they trip over him, but they can tell when I'm one mile over the speed limit.
Roman: We have to balance the budget somehow.
Marlena: Be nice. She just paid Sami's bail. And we have a problem- Sami's been
charged with first degree murder.
Roman: They charged her with murder? Just because she said she was going to kill
Franco and the gun that killed him was found in her hand and she doesn't deny anything?
(Lucas screams.)
All: My! Perhaps that is a sign that he is in pain!
Lucas: (still moaning) Will's gonna die.
Kate: No, Baby, no. You'll think he's dead, but he'll return to Salem in a year
as a twenty-year-old amnesiac.
Lucas: Oh. (goes to sleep)
End of Show
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