September 22, 1998

Oh, no! Has Roman started saying "uh" more often than Austin?

In the Swamp.
Billie: Greta, you can trust me. Iím Boís friend. Although he wishes I wasnít.
Greta: Iíve just never shown my face.
Billie: Put on makeup.
Greta: No makeup.
Billie: Put on makeup.
Greta: No makeup.
Billie: Put on makeup.
Greta: No makeup.
Billie: Put on makeup.
Greta: Okay, if it will shut you whiny voice up.
Billie: Wow! Youíre beautiful. Under that mud and scar, youíre a super model. You must be from Salem at some point in the past.
Bo: (above them) I donít know where the Swamp Girl is.
Wayne: (above) Now-ow, wha done ah believe you?
Bo: Because even the Bayou hicks are smarter than me?
Earl: Weíll have to kill him to make him talk.
Bo: Corpses are very vocal.

MEANWHILE, Salem Hospital is very busy.
Carrie: Mike, I love you. (Mike morphs into Austin.) Austin, I love you.
(wakes up) Oh, it was all a dream. My first clue was the fact that people canít morph into each other. But at least I got Austinís mind off Sami and Will.
Mike: (arriving) Getting Austinís mind off Sami seems to be a recurring theme
in your relationship. But where are you going to find a man who thinks about you
all the time, and who occasionally agrees with you about something?
Carrie: I donít know. He obviously isnít right in front of me.
Mike: Youíre going to Samiís arraignment?
Carrie: I wanna make sure sheís locked up.
Kate: (nearby) They wonít let me be alone with my son! Just because Iím going to
tell him to lie to the police about who shot Franco.
Austin: Uh . . . poor . . . uh . . . Sami.
Kate: Have you forgotten what she did to you and Carrie?
Austin: I . . . uh . . . never . . . uh . . . figured . . . uh . . . out . . . uh . . . what . . . uh . . . she . . . uh . . . did . . . uh . . . to . . .uh . . . us.
Kate: Austin-
Austin: Uh . . . Iím . . . uh . . . supporting . . . uh . . . Sami.
Kate: You need your head examined!
Mike: I can do that! (examines Austin) You should be committed. Come on, Carrie,
Iíll help you get over your loss. (Mike and Carrie run off arm-in-arm.)

MEANWHILE, at the Brady Pub, Roman is reading to his parents and sister from the newspaper.
Roman: "Miss Brady is the daughter of University Hospitalís Dr. Marlena Evans,
who apparently never used her psychiatric skills on her daughter, and the Salem
PDís Roman Brady, who hasnít solved a case yet and is not expected to solve this
one. The police department believes it has an airtight case against Miss Brady.
Previous airtight cases in Miss Bradyís extended family include those against
John Black for the murder of Tony DiMera and against Jack Deveraux for the murder
of Peter Blake."

MEANWHILE, in jail.
Sami: When is my arraignment?
cop: Doesnít matter. Youíre gonna die. Hahahaha.
Sami: At least Iíll get out on bail.
cop: Nah. Youíll spend the rest of your life locked up.
Sami: Donít you have a job to do besides torment the prisoners?
cop: I donít know. I was trained by your father.
(Sami is taken to court.)
judge: Bail is one million dollars.
Kim: Mickey! Canít you do something?
Mickey: Well, there was this trick I used when I was representing Jack or John . . .
Kim: Never mind.
End of Show
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