September 18, 1998

At the hospital.
Roman: Lucas is moving!
Kate: Oh, youíre glad heíll live?
Roman: Hell, no! I just wanna interrogate the sucker!
Kate: Mike, thanks for saving him.
Mike: It was a real chore having to save my half-brother.
Roman: Kate, you seem nervous. Is it natural for someone to be nervous just because their kid is dying?
Kate: You would think weíd all be used to seeing our kids in comas by now.
Mike: Can I trust you children to stay out of ICU?
Kate/Roman: Yes sir doctor sir.
Mike: (moving) Hi, Lexie. Carrie isnít happy, but the day isnít over.
Lexie: Yeah, she still has time to run into you.
Carrie: (nearby) Austin, the tension in our marriage is my fault. I took someone elseís word over yours time and time again and spent all my time with them. Youíve never done any such thing, especially not with a proven liar.
Austin: Thatís . . . uhh . . . history.
Carrie: History may repeat itself.
Austin: NOT ON DAYS!

MEANWHILE, John is on the phone with Hope.
John: Itís dangerous for you to be with Stefano, and thatís a fact.
Hope: I saw fear in Stefanoís eyes.
John: Itís a good thing he wasnít wearing sunglasses, and thatís a fact.
Hope: If heíd been wearing sunglasses, I wouldnít have recognized him.

MEANWHILE, Billie has met Greta.
Billie: I understand you. I have scars, theyíre just emotional-
Greta: Not this emotional scars thing again.
Billie: The past few months have been the worst of my life since I lost Bo. Life was much better when I was a drug addict living on the streets with my brother than when I was dumped by a man who has always claimed to love "you and only you" no matter who "you" was.
Greta: Well, I canít go out in public.
Billie: Sure you can, with my makeup. Donít people carry suitcases full of makeup in the Bayou?

MEANWHILE, Sami is in jail.
Eric: Sami, remember when we were kids and we went skiing and we got lost on the wrong trail in a blizzard?
Sami: Yeah. No one noticed we were gone for months and months. They figured we were just locked up in the Pub or something. We survived eating snow, but it was better than tea.
Eric: Thatís like now. We have to have faith that things will get back to normal.
Sami: I have faith in you. But I had faith in Franco.
Eric: This makes me wonder about Nicole.
Sami: Nicole and Franco are different. Franco lied and kept secrets and made people not tell me things they knew and acted mysterious.
Marlena: (arriving) Hi, twins.
Sami: Mom, what are you doing here? I never thought youíd come see me in prison. By the way, I understand and feel bad about all the problems youíve had with John and Dad.
Marlena: (thinking) We should lock her up more often. (aloud) I brought you a comb. I just realized that the hairdos in Salem leave a lot to be desired.
Sami: We canít prove I was framed, can we?
Marlena: Iíll go find the Lady in White and see if she has any more diaries.
End of Show

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