September 15, 1998

In the swamp.
Billie: Oh, Bo, here I am running around the Bayou. (trips) Oh, Bo, Iíve just tripped over the grave of our daughter. Oh, Bo, she meant so much to me that I wasnít even looking for her grave. Oh, Bo, I wish Georgia were still alive so weíd be connected.
Wayne: (arriving) You wanna find Bo? Wall, me aní Earl been searchiní for him
for days.
Billie: Oh, Bo! Where is he?
Wayne: If we knew, we wouldní be searchiní.
Earl: Heís with Swamp Girl.
Billie: Oh, Bo! Swamp Girl? Wow, thatís a stupid name. The kind youíd expect to
find on a soap opera with a character called Lady-in-White who runs around with a
tablecloth on her head.
Wayne: Swamp Girl ainít stupid. She covers her face with mud, not a tablecloth.
Billie: Oh, Bo! That makes much more sense.
Wayne: Are you ready to look for Bo?
Billie: Oh, Bo! Yes, I think itís a good idea to go running around the Bayou
wearing a sleeveless crop-top and sandals.

MEANWHILE, on the Empress Express.
Lucille: (bouncing around) You see, Princess Gina/Hope, I would have saved you
but my ankle is sprained. (skips out)
Hope/Gina: Whatís your plan, Rudolfo/Stefano?
Rudolfo/Stefano: Plan? Since when do I plan things? You act like you think Iím
behind everything in Salem.

MEANWHILE, at the Salem jail.
officer: Captain Brady, would you like to book your daughter?
Roman: Yes, Iíd love to. Every cop dreams of booking his own kids. Am I even officially on the force?
officer: Does it matter? (to Sami) Youíll spend the night in jail.
Eric: Dad, donít let that happen! Throw your weight around!
Roman: I cannot circumvent the law!
Eric: Why?
Roman: Iím not sure what the law is.
Mickey: Weíll try to get Sami out tomorrow.
Roman: Things donít look good, do they?
Mickey: They never do when Iím your lawyer.
officer: Come on, Miss Brady.
Sami: But my son is sick.
officer: You should have thought of that before you committed murder.
Sami: I didnít know Will was hurt then.

MEANWHILE, at the hospital.
Austin: I uh canít uh go uh home uh with uh you uh Carrie. I uh promised uh Sami uh Iíd uh go uh see uh her. I uh intend uh to uh keep uh my uh promise.
Carrie: I know how good you are at keeping promises. All those nights you promised youíd spend time with me and you ended up taking care of Sami stand out in my mind.
Austin: Uh see uh how uh good uh I uh am? Can uh you uh imagine uh what uh sheís
uh going uh through uh spending uh time uh in uh jail?
Carrie: Actually, yeah. There was that time Sami beat herself up and said I did it and I spent the night in jail.
Austin: Uh so uh you uh understand. (leaves)
Carrie: Mike, Austin and I have lost the ability to communicate.
Mike: I guess youíll just have to listen between the uhs.
Carrie: Iíve changed.
Mike: Iím sorry about the kiss.
Carrie: Iím not. It was better than Duh-Boy can do.
End of Show
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