September 14, 1998

In the swamp, Bo is with the Greta formerly known as Swamp Girl.
Greta: Well, I know you though you were fighting with Hope, but that was actually orchestrated by Stefano. And I know you thought that Ernesto arranged for her to be held over a vat of acid, but that was actually orchestrated by Stefano. And I know you thought that the whole Cruise of Deception was Ernestoís revenge, but it was actually orchestrated by Stefano. I impersonated Hope.
Bo: How is that possible?
Greta: New writers.
Greta: Iím so scared. I never told anyone what happened before. I never showed anyone the scars on my face. I know Stefano is after me. Stefano will kill me. Iím afraid of so much. I think Iíve just built my own grave.
Bo: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Can we talk about ME? I actually spoke to Hope, right?
Greta: Yes, we switched places after you talked.
Bo: Remember, Iíll protect you. Like I protected Hope from "dying" in that snowslide and Billie during her pregnancy and Shawn-Douglas from being shot by drug dealers and various members of my extended family from being kidnapped by Stefano.
Greta: Maybe Iíll just stay here.

MEANWHILE, Stefano and Vivian are on the Orient Express.
Stefano: Youíve inherited a great deal of money.
Vivian: Iíve never had money before except for most of my life.
Stefano: You should trust me. Iíve never forgotten the time we shared.
Vivian: There was the time Ivan and I got arrested because of you, and the other time we got arrested because of you. and the OTHER time we . . .

MEANWHILE, Will and Lucas are in comas at the hospital.
Kate: (to Lucas) I have to talk to you before anyone else.
Eric: Why?
Kate: How much did you hear? I know how you Bradys can figure out exactly whatís
going on by overhearing one little phrase. Carrie figured out Sami was lying about Austin in just four years, and Roman has almost caught Stefano after only fifteen years or so.
Eric: Kidnapping is serious.
Kate: It was not Lucasís fault.
Eric: I am shocked, SHOCKED, that you would defend your son.
Kate: Sami was found with the gun that killed Franco. She canít lie her way out of that one. Sheíll have to tell the truth, that she was the one who- wait, that doesnít work. But I have been telling Lucas that kidnapping is serious.
Eric: Thatís exactly what I would be telling my son in an ICU.
Abe: Kate, we are charging Lucas with kidnapping and driving under the influence.
Kate: Why? Just because he did?
Abe: Itís not the way we usually do things in Salem, but we thought weíd give it a try this time.
Austin: Itís uh okay uh Mom.
Carrie: I feel so guilty. Iím so selfish.
Austin: You uh are uh selfish. Sami uh is uh so uh great. She uh kept uh us uh apart. (goes to Sami.)
Mike: Carrie, need someone to talk to?
Carrie: Mike, Iím so selfish. I take everything- food and water and air.
Mike: Carrie, you are not selfish. Thatís why I love you so much. If you were with me, you would never have to feel guilty or worried or alone.
Carrie: You are such a good friend. (to self) I wonder if Mike has feelings for me.
Sami: Everyone, please come pray with me. (leading prayer) God, Iím not the best
person in the world, but Iím the best mother I know how to be. I leave Will at the Pub and lie about his true parentage, just like my parents and their parents did. I just want him to call me "Mommy" again. He has a whole lifetime filled with false arrests, broken marriages, kidnappings, heartbreak, and psychotic enemies in front of him.
Abe: Sorry to interrupt, but Sami is under arrest. Sami, you have the right to remain silent.
Kate: Yea!
Abe: You have the right to an attorney. We donít recommend Mickey Horton
Mickey: Huh?
End of Show
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