August 26, 1998

Nicole is at Titan.
Nicole: Taylor, what are you doing here?
Taylor: Let's see, I work for a cleaning service. I have bags, paper towels, brooms, and a mop. You've seen me cleaning things here every day for the last few weeks . . .
Nicole: I don't want people to know we're related.
Taylor: The only problem with our family was him-
Nicole: Don't mention his name! The writers haven't decided who he is yet!
Besides, you don't know what happened. You were so young- you must be four whole years younger than I am! Hey, why are you mopping the floor? I never heard of a cleaning woman who mopped floors!

MEANWHILE, the engaged couple are talking.
Sami: I'm not sure I want to go to California, considering that my whole family that I hate is here.
Franco: But in Cally-fornia, the assassains will nefer fine me.
Sami: What?
Franco: Nothing.
Sami: Oh. Then make love to me.
Franco: I wanu wait until our weh-ing nigh. Thas why I made luff to you in the closet, and the office, and the hotel, and this house.

MEANWHILE, Kate and Lucas are at Titan.
Lucas: I'm taking Will away after the wedding. Because weddings in Salem always go off without a hitch.
Kate: What are you doing until then?
Lucas: Touring Titan offices. I'll take commercial flights, don't bother with the jet.
Kate: Hmm, my spoiled rotten son is taking commercial flights when he knows he
could have the jet. This is not at all suspicious.

MEANWHILE, at the hospital-
Carrie: Mike, you shouldn't be dating Ali.
Mike: I thought you liked her.
Carrie: Well, the thing is, I'm in love with you.
Mike: Really?
Carrie: Haha. Dream sequence.
Austin: (entering) Carrie?
Carrie: Mike convinced me to go to the wedding.
Austin: You uh listen uh to uh Mike uh and uh not uh me uh now?
Carrie: Doctor. Duh-boy. Hear a difference?
Austin: I uh think uh Franco uh is uh cheating uh on uh Sami. I uh could uh wring uh his uh neck.
Carrie: Oh, I'm sure Franco was just making out with the other woman because she has amnesia and needs his pretend love to recover.
End of Show
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