August 21, 1998

John and Marlena wake up together.
Belle/Brady: (entering) Mommy! Daddy!
John/Marlena: We have kids? Oh yeah.
John: Hi, Belle. I see you've gotten almost as old as your brother.
Belle: I expect to be a teenager next week. I can't wait to fall in love with Sami's boyfriend . . .
Marlena: Speaking of Sami, I'm glad she's doing me the honor of helping her buy a dress and get ready for a wedding in one day.
John: Remember, one day can take months in Salem.

MEANWHILE, Nicole is on the phone with her mother.
Nicole: Mom, I know Taylor needs a job to get through college . . . hey, wait. Sami and Eric and Carrie and Austin and Lucas and I all have high-paying jobs but we didn't have to go to college. Why DOES Taylor have to work? (sees Taylor with Eric) TAYLOR, GO AWAY!!
Eric: Hi, Nicole. You just missed Taylor.
Nicole: Funny how that happens.

MEANWHILE, Vivian is getting ready to leave for Europe.
Ivan: (nervous) I am just waiting for the ax to fall.
Vivian: Don't worry. As far as we know, he's never tried to guillotine anyone but my nephew.
Ivan: Madame, traveling with Stefano is dangerous.
Vivian: Stop being dramatic.
Ivan: I am NOT being dramatic. They don't allow drama on this show.

OVERVOICE: We interrupt your regularly scheduled soap to bring you a special
message regarding United States bombings of Afghanistan and Sudan.

SandyBerger: This is not like in "Wag The Dog" This is not like in "Wag The
Dog" This is not like in "Wag The Dog" This is not like in "Wag The Dog" This
is not like in "Wag The Dog" This is not like in "Wag The Dog" This is not
like in "Wag The Dog" This is not like in "Wag The Dog".

MEANWHILE, at the Kiriakis Mansion:
Franco: Kay, whadih hue jus say?
Kate: They added a new character named Hugh while I wasn't paying attention?
Sami: Hi, Franco.
Franco: Hi, Samanda. I wan to get cloz to your fama-ly (especially your Aunt
Hope . . .), so I'm spening some time wi Eric. (Sami and Franco slober all over each others faces.)
Austin/Carrie: (entering) Yuck. We never kissed in semi-public like that.
Austin: See you at . . .uhh . . . dinner.
Carrie: I'll eat at the hospital.
Austin: I must have marital problems if she'd rather eat hospital food than
eat with me.
End of Show
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