August 18, 1998

Sami is with Roman.
Roman: Put off the wedding for six months so the police can do a background check on Franco.
Sami: They can do a check in six months?
Roman: Well, we're a very efficient highly trained police force. Can you explain again how this velcro stuff on my shoes works?
Sami: Yes, but I won't put off the wedding. Franco's made mistakes. I have, too. There was the time I lied about Belle's paternity and tampered with hospital records, and then I did the same with Will, and there was the time I drugged Austin-
Roman: I don't have all day.
Sami: (wounded)I know.
Roman: I came back as soon as I knew you'd been shot. I just didn't come back
when you were raped, pregnant, a new mother, or in a coma.

MEANWHILE, Bo is in the swamp.
Bo: Swamp Girl, don't you want a normal life?
SwampThing: A fatal illness, a resurrection, a failed wedding, amnesia, and time spent locked in a cage every year? No thanks.

MEANWHILE, Stefano is leaving for Europe.
Stefano: I don't want John or Roman following me around Europe. So if I take a
commercial flight there, there's no chance I'll end up in the same room with six or eight Salemites.
Rolf: No, that would never happen. It would be too much of a coincidence.

MEANWHILE, Billie is in Salem Place.
Billie: Hi, Alice and Maggie.
Maggie: Hi.
Alice: Follow your heart.
Billie: I know you're Hope's family and all, but your granddaughter/niece SUCKS!
Austin: Billie, you're so el-uh, eloquent.
Billie: It must be awful for Carrie to have to live with Sami.
Austin: Carrie? Who's Car- oh, my wife. I never thought about that. I was
thinking of Sami.
Billie: Uh-huh.

End of Show
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